Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Homeschool... Luggage... Visitors

Well, it is a hot, humid day here in Rochester, NY. I know it got up to at least 91. Ugg. Thank God for fans! Today was homeschool day... no, unfortunately it was not working on math and phonics one day a week that I had intended to do all summer, though Hannah was begging for a phonics lesson... it was sort homeschool stuff to try to decide what to bring, what to keep and what to get rid of. I am having a hard time. This year Caleb will be in 3rd grade and Hannah in 1st. Before I see my stored stuff again Lydia will have at least started K if not completed it while Hannah does 2nd and Caleb 4th... How can my kids be getting that old? What on earth do I need for K-4th grades?? I have really enjoyed using Saxon Phonics with the kids but K,1&2 is over 30 pounds. I don't think I can get away with that much weight for homeschool period, let alone for only phonics. I do use a math curriculum that I print off from the internet (Mathematics Enrichment Programme - it is a great one - and free! - I highly recommend it!). I am looking into using Ambleside Online for most of everything else. Does that mean I can justify 30+ pounds just for phonics?? I don't know. I have been given so much homeschool stuff. So far I have sorted stuff into piles by subject, now I have to make decisions...

In other news we found out that Action Packers are 1 inch too large for airline travel so I think that we may go with Contico Footlockers. I know that we have sworn off WalMart this year but they have them for $35 and they ship to store for free. Pretty cheap luggage. I think that we'll probably do that.

We had two visitors today and Glenn came home for lunch which is always fun! Our first visitor was Kristina who brought us a lasagna for supper - yum! Thanks Kristina! Later in the afternoon my brother Russ stopped in while Camy was at class. Today is their 2nd anniversary (Happy Anniversary you guys!!) and they spent it at Seabreeze and after Camy's class they were heading out for dinner then to a church softball game. It was good to visit with my little bro since we didn't get a chance to talk at Zach's grad party on Saturday. Sounds like they have some fun plans for the month.

Tomorrow we're meeting up with some dear friends from my precious Bible study in Waterloo at the Zoo. That should be fun. Then on Thursday we're going to see Mr Magorium's during the Free Family Film Fest. Other than that it is pack, pack, pack...

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  1. Hey Sonja! So we caught glimpses in your blog of the mention of Dominica. Is it settled that you guys will be moving there? When will you go? We are so excited for you!! God answers prayer in different ways. We prayed for you all when we read that your father passed away. We try to keep up with your news. We will leave here (South Korea) at the end of August. We plan to move to CA in January for Dan to start grad school for Public Health. Anyway, check out our blog if you want to see any pics or other updates. God bless each of you!!


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