Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Lydia Quotes and Packing Thoughts

Funny things said by Lydia today:
"No I amn't." (amn't is Lydia's favorite contraction :)
"So they don't live together?" (about Grandma and Grandpa Maas since Grandpa was having to go home and would talk to Hannah in about 10 minutes)

A few of my thoughts while packing today:
* We have too many towels. We have decided to bring 12 towels with us to Dominica - 6 bath towels and 6 beach towels (I am excited about going to the beach). I had picked out 6 of our not super nice towels to bring with us and realized... wow, we each already have a towel that we are currently using and there are several more here that I guess I am storing for the next couple of years. How did we get so many towels? I don't think that we have ever bought one.
* I should have known that we were going to go somewhere warm next we finally bought skis and sleds this past winter. (anybody want to borrow them until we get to snow country again??)
* 6 people = LOTS of clothes... how much should we bring? I think that we have decided on 10-14 days worth. I guess that I will be blessing GoodWill with more in the coming days (or our rag bag).
* I am going to miss my Kitchen Aid (OK, actually it is Glenn's mom but I have had it for almost seven years.) I would love to bring it but I just don't think that I can justify using 25 of our 420 pounds on it - sadness!!
* I am looking forward to living simply. We'll only have whatever we decide is important enough to fit in our 420 pounds of luggage. Less stuff = less work for me (hopefully!)
* I am probably going to be suprised at what I kept when I unpack my boxes in a couple of years.
* We have WAY too many books but we can't seem to part with so many of the ones that we have out and we have already packed tons of book boxes and don't know if it is worth it to go through them to make more decisions or just decide when we unpack in 2-4 years.
*sub-note on the books thing - we are REALLY going to miss the Monroe County Library system. Not really sure what is available library wise on Dominica.
* Sheets - we have lots of twin sheets. I have no idea what the kids are going to be sleeping on in Dominica. I am not sure what kind of beds will be available. Hmmm. I wonder if they'll sleep in hammocks? I think that they'd like that. Not sure that they'll like the adjustment back to beds when we get back Stateside though. Full sheets have been recommended on packing lists. We only have one set. Will the girls sleep together on a full bed? Oh, so many questions.

Well, there are lots more thoughts going through my head but that is enough for now. Until next time...

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