Saturday, July 19, 2008

We must have no friends... or enemies for that matter

We had stir fry for supper tonight. I love stir fry in the summer with all the yummy fresh veggies from the garden - green peppers, zucchini and summer squash in particular. Since we didn't know where we were going to be come harvest time we didn't garden again this year so I bought some zucchini from the Public Market to put in our stir fry. Glenn's comment was, "We must really have no friends or enemies either if we had to buy zucchini." It made me laugh. For years my source was Grandma Hansen's amazing garden. Which make me think of how depressing her back yard looked when I drove by her old house last time I was in Waterloo. Grandma was an amazing gardener and you could never visit her in the summer without her giving you bags and bags of produce!! So yummy! I miss her so much, and not just for her garden!

In other news I think that I know the basics of what we are going to do for school this year. This week I have been in a battle against the dining room (which has also been our school room). I have been given a bunch of homeschool stuff and I needed to sort through it to see what I would be using this year and what I should get rid of, etc. I have been dying to get it packed but just when I thought I might be making progress it would be time for a meal again and I would have to find the table and go and make something for everyone to eat I would get into it again and then it would be meal time again. Maybe we should have fasted this week :) I doubt that that would have gone over well. I think that I probably should have stayed home more this week and not have done so many outside of our home things but they were fun memories and this week was Caleb's birthday and there were special events at the library (which we are going to miss SO much, I don't know if we will ever live so close to a library again!) But we have 11 days until we have to be out, so much to do but it will get done, even if I give up sleep for the last week (which I am sure I won't do b/c I would be WAY too grouchy to deal with and I won't subject my family to that :)

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