Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We're moving??

Well, this week has been fun... oops, I am supposed to be packing!! NOT having fun. Oh well, it will get done :) Monday we spent the day at the Museum of Play with my friend Jenn and her girls who came up from Fillmore to spend the day with us. They had never been there before and it was fun to see the place with new eyes again :) After we got home we ate quick then headed out the door to go to a meeting at my director's house. She has 4 kids about my kids ages so they ran and played for another couple of hours. It was no big surprise that the girls all fell asleep on the way home. I am really enjoying my new business. I am making money doing nothing but having fun at parties and talking to people. Works for me. I get paid to go to girl's night out parties :)

Tuesday we actually worked and got our dressers unpacked and moved over to the Lishawa's so we'll have
somewhere to put our clothes and also moved our bikes into their garage so they were no longer in my kitchen :) Also we sold our couch. I think that we paid about $5 to rent it for the year, not too bad. Bought and sold on craigslist... love that site (though not as much as Glenn :)

Today I worked a little bit in the morning then went to the movies with the kids while Glenn stayed home to work. We watched Arctic Tale this week. There was some amazing cinematography. It was fun to watch. Then after a quick stop at Wegmans we headed home to eat something and get back to work. We missed our Summer Reading program on Monday so we went today and stayed longer than we planned but at least we got there dry and walked home dry because the storm started right after we got there and ended just before we left. (These pictures from the library are actually from last week when they had a Tales with Tails event not from today but they are from the library.) We love our library and we are going to miss living less than 2 blocks from the library!! After we got home I made pizza - it was nice to have real food. I have been struggling with the whole feeding a family of 6 and packing thing so the pizza tasted really good after oatmeal and pancakes and cold cereal the last few days :). Over the last few weeks since dad died and while packing our community group and others from church have brought us some meals which has been such a blessing! I am looking forward to eating more regular food again instead of whatever random items are left in our pantry and freezer that I am trying to use up.

Tonight someone came and bought our corner computer desk. The only other big thing that we have to sell is
our roll top desk. I love our roll top desk but it has gotten pretty dinged up over the years and moves that we have owned it. The people on Craigslist who have asked about it wonder how old it is and I have no idea b/c I bought it from my aunt Alyce about 7 years ago and I have no idea how long she had it but pretty sure it was from the Ye Olde Barn so that has got to be at least 13 years old. We're also doing a yard sale with a friend on Friday but I am not exactly sure how much we are bringing because we have given so much away already but I am sure I will find more as I pack and sort.

We decided to rent a storage unit about a mile from here for the next 3 months and just bring clothes, school stuff and a few kitchen items I can't live without (mostly my PC stuff that has made my life so much easier). It is a 10x13 and costs only about $15 more than the storage place that we had rented while house-sitting in Houghton which we didn't think was bad!

Here is a picture of Lydia and Abigail... maybe we have done too much this week. Also, if you would pray for Glenn. He hurt his back today moving Lydia's trundle bed. I see a lot of box moving in my future :)

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