Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Trust and Success

When I was doing my student teaching at TTU we got together one afternoon a week and one of the professors would give a short devotional to get us started in our time together. I just found two acrostics that I wrote down from devotions at that time. They were a challenge to me to read again so I wanted to put them here so I wouldn't lose them :)

The first is on trust that Tommy Troxel shared with Proverbs 3:5-6

Think about God - spend time with Him
Relinquish your will to Him
Understand God's promises to you, claim them
Stand firm on these promises
Thank God in advance for how He is going to meet your every need

The second one is from Mrs. Walker on success:

Surrendered - Rom. 12:1-2
Unmoveable - 1Cor.15:58 - in faith and in teaching
Call on the Lord - Phil 4:6
Creative - 1Cor.10:31
Enthusiastic - Neh.8:10
Sweet Spirit - Gal.5:16
Student - never stop learning! 2Tim2:15

I am thankful for my education in a Christian environment with teachers that were constantly returning our eyes to our Savior. Though I don't use my education to earn income I know that it has had a great impact on my life and it makes me a better teacher for my kids.

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