Friday, July 11, 2008

What is Next?

Well, besides packing we have been praying and researching and researching and praying. We found out yesterday for sure that Glenn would not be getting into the September class for Ross so we'd be looking at January for them and with the fact he won't be going in Sept and other information we have found out in our research he has kind of crossed that one off the list for now. As we have been doing our P&R we have realized that if we don't start this fall we won't match until 2013 whether we start in the Caribbean in Jan or May or next Sept. (The match is a process where medical students are matched up with residency programs - it only happens once a year.) Since we won't match until 2013 anyway we are praying about opening up our options and applying to US schools again for the fall of 2009, and DO schools, Caribbean schools, and whatever else God may have in store for us. We are really open to His leading. Right now he is working on his essay and then he will send in his applications and then we will wait, again, and keep seeking Him.

So... what do we do for this year? Well, we have to move. I called our landlord yesterday and they have already leased our apartment to someone who lives in the building next door. Their apartment is now available but, though is has two bathrooms and bigger bedrooms, it has smaller living area and is $200 a month more than we pay here. Not an option. We are looking into options but we aren't certain that we are going to stay in Rochester so I guess that we will be moving into the Lishawa's for a short time. What about work? Will it really benefit Glenn to stay on at Highland in his current position? Not really. There is a high likelihood that he will hurt his back and he really isn't going to learn anything new in this position either. He would like to do some kind of research, not really sure what. He would also like to shadow doctors and volunteer more this year. Other than that we don't know. Oh, Lord, please guide and direct us. Help us to keep seeking You first and doing what pleases You.

In other news... Abigail is potty training!! She has refused to wear a diaper (even at night) for the last 3 days and has only had one or two accidents and been dry all night - yippee!! Around Christmas I bought several boxes of diapers before our BJs membership expired and and I told her that I wasn't going to buy any more and now we are on the last box and I think that it is going to work - yeah!! I may even get to give some of our size 4s away! Any takers?? The idea of being completely diaperless after 8 years makes me so excited!

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