Monday, March 28, 2011

And the List Continues

Working towards 1000... looking for the gifts that God gives me all the time... I am so blessed!

201. A chance to get a bit of school work done at home between appointments

202. Lego loving kids

203. Moving our bodies at zumbatomics

204. A chance to play my flute in a group again.

205. Getting home from my doctor's appointment 3 minutes BEFORE it was scheduled to start. I love my ENT!

206. The white stuff is starting to stick. I'm sure I'm the only one in NY but I love the stuff

207. School with the cards, a timer, and cozi is going pretty well.

208. Van passed inspection

209. Knowing a couple of the lead roles in a 7th and 8th grade version of Treasure Island

210. Fun at the zoo with friends

211. Sunshine melting away the snow

212. We get to go to Miracle Worker at Syracuse Stage for free next week!

213. Time to chat and snuggle with my favorite doctor to be

214. Flylady morning routine checklist

215. Flyers with codes for cheap checks

216. Bagels from the freezer

217. Yummy chinese food and pizza and friends to share it with

218.  Spring boards, balance beams and uneven bars

219. We almost became couch owners, trusting that God knows best

220. Curry with unplanned guests

221. Dory

222. Uncluttering

223. Abby's help with the 14 little ones

224. Visiting with friends at Christina's shower

225. Heather is feeling so much better

226. Baby Karsten

227. Skype with Kendra and baby Jack

228. Date night with Glenn watching 39 Steps on comfy cushions

229. I asked the kids to strip and make their beds and they did it

230. My camera was still in the car

231. Sheets blowing in the breeze

232. Cozi, cards, and timers along with mom being more present = school going better

233. Caring friends praying for me at small group

234. Indonesian fried rice

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