Thursday, March 17, 2011

A hop and a spin at the Park

So I am supposed to clarify that this is a guest post by Glenn in the middle of Sonja's Lent blogging. Today we went out of our house (mostly because we actually had a vehicle to get out). So we decided to go to Green Lakes State Park. (We were going to go to Watkins but someone who desires to remain anonymous but happens to be on Spring break slept in.) So instead we went to a much closer park and played at the play ground and walked all the way around the longer lake. (We aren't sure how far around it is but if we had walked both it would have been a little over 3 miles). So we took lots of pictures at the play ground and during our walk around the lake. So with my camera on burst mode I was able to use the pictures I took to make a stop action video of a few of the adventures at the playground.

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