Saturday, March 12, 2011

Regional Market

When we moved from Rochester one of the things that I knew I was going to miss the most was the Public Market. It was where I always bought my peppers, potatoes, onions, apples, and tomatoes, etc. I was glad that the Regional Market was here in Syracuse but I was not impressed the first time I went. (That was probably mostly due to the fact that I was grumpy about leaving Rochester and the Public Market and the Regional Market are very different.)

I have come to appreciate the Regional Market and have farmers that I like to buy my food from. I usually buy my 50# bags of potatoes from the farmers down near the end of the right side of Shed A and always buy my apples from Owen Orchards.

Another thing that the Regional Market has going for it is Buda's. It sells overstock food items and I often go there for big things of salsa and #10 cans of beans and whatever else looks good and is inexpensive to spread our food budget.

We went to the Regional Market today and came home with a lot of food. There was about 150# of produce plus some other goods.
20# apples $8 (Owen Orchards)
20# (bad) apples $3
40# sweet potatoes $15
50# adirondack red potatoes $12
10# red onions (with ends and skins removed) $1
2# local wildflower honey $8
4 #10 cans black beans (~7# each) $3.50 each
3 4# jars Pace salsa verde $3.50 each
3 4# jars Pace medium chunky salsa $4 each
10# onions $5 (wegmans)
8# oranges $5 (wegmans)

I was glad that Buda's still had the Pace Salsa Verde because we have recently fallen in love with this recipe and it is a quick easy meal. We actually stopped at the Wegmans up near the market on the way home so the local onions and not so local oranges were from there. I think that we are good on food for a little bit. The pictures don't include the "bad" apples because I bought them mostly for apple sauce and baking and most of them were simmering in a pot on the stove as I took the picture. Also not pictured are the red onions. I bought them because they were $1 and didn't realize until I got home that it was 10 pounds! I've used them already in fried potatoes and quesadillas - yum, yum! I had Caleb add up the weight and money and divide to figure out how much we spent per pound on that list and we both came up with about 44 cents. Not too shabby. Thanks God so much for the bounty of food we brought home today and for how you take care of us!

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  1. So fun to see all that you bought after telling us all about it!! 44 cents/lb--God it toooooooo much!!! Love you all, Dad and Mom/Grandpa and Grandma


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