Monday, March 21, 2011

One Thousand Gifts 1-200

God is using this book to change my mind and my heart lately. Paul, in Philippians, talks about having learned to be content in all circumstances. I am trying to learn "to overcome my one ugly and self-destructive habit of ingratitude... with the saving habit of gratitude - that would lead me back to deep God-communion." Ann was challenged by a friend to make a list of 1000 gifts from God and doing it changed her life.  She has challenged many people to do the same. I started my list of 1000 Blessings from God back in January. She has a notebook that she leaves open on her counter at home and takes with her places. I decided to write mine on the "notes" function of my iphone. I started mine January 18th, I think. I emailed 1-100 to Glenn on February 28. Today I reached 200. It has been neat to see how doing this, writing down things that God has done, given me, has helped to start to change my heart, change my attitude. On Sunday I was woken up by Hannah who told me that her sisters had both peed the bed. Instead of grumbling my first thought was, "How can I thank God in this situation?" and God gave me ways to thank Him. That is not my natural response. God is at work in my heart and I am so thankful!

On A Holy Experience there is a challenge to post from our lists, the graces we have received from God on Mondays. I think that I am going to start doing that. Today is going to be a long one. #1-200. I am not expecting anyone to read them all but they are gifts that God has given me. Some of them may not make sense but they are things that I have stopped to thank God for during these past 2 months.

1. The Word of God. It contains all I need for life and godliness. I have only skimmed the surface of the unfathomable riches contained in it. I want it to be my life long passion

2. Unexpected time with my dear friend Phoebe today sharing our recent trials and blessings.

3. Short sweet naps snuggled on great grandparents' laps today as we visited with my dad's parents for a short time this afternoon. Abigail fell asleep on Grandma and Lydia nearly fell asleep on Grandpa.

4. Time away from the kids connecting with other homeschooling moms at Panera Bread.

5. Time enjoying read alouds with the kids while we've waited for various appointments lately.

6. Glenn was cavity free at his dental appointment. (It was his first trip to the dentist since we've been married.)

7. Peppermint tea and Legos with Dawn and Jeremiah.

8. Met our neighbor Kevin when he rescued me from the snow piles.

9. Glenn got a ride home last night so I didn't have to bundle the kids out into the snow after 10 pm.

10. My three little dish washers.

11. Prayer time with Glenn.

12. A public library just a 5 minute walk away.

13. Miss Quinn - our wonderful children's librarian always ready with a smile and questions for my kids.

14. Free holds at our library. There's always a stack of books there awaiting me.

15. Sunshine brightened by clean fresh snow.

16. Pretty plants thriving under our lightbulb despite the frigid gloominess outside.

17. Lego hearts and creative kids who made them

18. Three extra little boys and three extra little girls and two extra mommies in the house for a couple hours this afternoon.

19.  My laser printer scanner copier which makes it so easy to print stuff.

20. Popcorn cooked on the stovetop.

21. Chris giving Glenn rides to school so I don't have to go out early in these frigid temps.

22. A place to have quiet time with God in the mornings.

23. Lander and Powell sharing the "blanket trick" with us which makes Lego pick up so much easier.

24. My Amish drying rack - a wedding shower gift from my dad's Aunt Helen.

25. Popcorn on the floor.

26. The clinging arms of little girls during the scary parts of the movie.

27. Baked macaroni and cheese

28. There is a family moving in upstairs, not college students.

29. Watching the kids enjoy their "prizes" from the Pass-it-on Bingo potluck.

30. The girls' grateful hearts for things they got even though they didn't get what they wanted most.

31. I can't do it but God wants to and can do it through me.

32. UNO with lots of giggles.

33. Spring time smell in my livingroom.

34. Pink hyacinths

35. Peter the penguin night light and the boy so excited to have him

36. Husband laughing over Internet comics when he should be in bed

37. Grandma's crocheted blanket that covers our bed

38. A chance to have surgery to improve my hearing

39. Glenn's "ghetto lampshade"

40. Comfy clothes to wear tomorrow

41. A desk with a crank for Glenn

42. Friendly nurses with smiling faces

43. No cholesteatoma in my right ear

44. Titanium ear bones

45. Cold water handed to me by Glenn <3

46. Handmade valentines

47. This list and the joy it brings

48. Sleep

49. Hugs from little arms

50. Lasagna from the freezer

51. Glenn walking to and from school

52. A shower with nice warm water.

53. Hawaiian pizza

54. I was the best picture the library lady took all day

55. A full day out of bed (first since surgery)

56. UNO games

57. Sunshine and tshirts

58. Green shoots shooting up

59. A warm home, protected from the blowing snow

60. Cantaloupe with pancakes

61. Hot chocolate with real whipped cream

62. Sleeping in with my best friend

63. The chance to see Rebecca's thank you list

64. My diva cup

65. Watching blowing snow out the window

66. The Jesus who is - so much better than the Jesus I perceive.

67. Giggly girls with bouncy hair.

68.  A strong arm to put my hand through as I walk icy sidewalks. .

69. Wallet found in the library book bag

70. Sleepy hugs in the early morning

71. Towels swaying on the drying rack in the blowing air from the furnace

72. God desires a relationship with me

73. Wyoming sweatshirts

74. Lego hearts

75. PBS kids

76. Sterie strips removed

77. Our small group

78. Glenn's meeting with Sasha

79. Morning kisses good bye

80. Pop corn cooked on the stovetop

81. Flat and whole wheel noodles

82. Cashier giddy about the good deals he rang up for me at Tops

83. Dry milk powder for <$1/gallon

84. Quick dentist appointments.

85. Conversation hearts conversations

86. Unexpected lunch with a ear surgery survivor

87. Little girls with bouncy curls

88. Books

89. Birthday cinnamon rolls

90. Hugs from a 7 year old birthday girl

91. The smell of chili

92. Ice cream cake

93. Friends for supper

94. Telephone chat with my grandma

95. Peppers

96. A leaf in my table and an extra table besides filled with people

97. Our ultimate treasure - Jesus - nothing is worth keeping more than having Him

98. We are God's treasure

99. Visits with neighbors we rarely see because of hibernation.

100. Thanksgiving always precedes the miracle.

101. Rain boots sloshing in slush

102. Packing removed from my ear

103. $170 ear drops that I only had to pay $6 for

104. Baby chicks in my hands

105. The chicken feed is always better in the cage next door

106. Lydia in her glory with all those chicks

107. Free extra Crunchwrap Supreme from Taco Bell - Glenn's lunch for tomorrow. We offered to pay for it but they said it was OK, it was their mistake

108. Sun shining on this lion-y day

109. Getting through all our school cards today.

110. Storybooks on the girls' bed

111. Coffee

112. Under200

113. Sunshine

114. Combed out hair with no snarles.

115. Golden grilled cheese with ham

116. Wandering Wegmans alone

117. A place to park

118. A chair party between the dining room and living room

119. $34 of savings at Wegmans.

120. Wegmans carries chipotle flavored Tabasco sauce and I got it for $1 off :)

121. Swept floors

122. Toss Your Cookies and Bananagrams

123. Chicken wing pizza

124. 18" of snow which gave us an opportunity to meet a couple neighbors, help people, and get some fresh air

125. White as snow, white as snow though my sins were as scarlet

126. Lydia's delight at reading color words, "I didn't know if I was supposed to read them but I decided to just spit them out."

127. Skin on skin

128. Zumbatomics

129. Hot water

130. The story of a homeless man quoting Romans 7-8 to a bunch of teenagers on a corner in Toronto.

 131. Broken bread, poured out wine in memory of my Beloved Savior's sacrifice for me

132. God hears my prayers

133. Sweet arms that hug and lips that kiss

135. Birthday letters 10, 8, 7, 5

136. God, the Creator of all things

137. An invitation to be a part of an intimate group of homeschoolers that meet on Tuesdays

138. Oatmeal bread smeared with real butter

139. Celebrating finishing unit 6 with Chinese takeout

140. Snuggling on a Saturday morning

141. Rain boots

142. 150 pounds of produce!!

143. Chatting with Bethany

144. Christmas trees and bags of leaves everywhere!

145. Jesus paid it all

146. Lunch at Sasha and Sarah's with Michael, Jonathan, and Bill

147. Movie night as a family watching Hook

148. Free books from kindle

149. God's provision even though we're car-less for a while.

150. Sunshine

151. Snuggling a newborn

152. Bunches of little girls playing Pollies

153. Pink dessert dishes from my grandma's house

154. Dishes cleaned by my little man

155. Sleeping in on spring break

156. We got our car back for <$1000

157. Skipping girls

158. A walk around Green Lake

159. Leaf pockets in melting ice

160. Falafels

161. Sunshine

162. Cute older couple walking arm in arm around Green Lake

163. "helping" the water flow into the lake with sticks

164. Peanuts, rolls, steak, huge chicken fingers, sweet potatoes all cooked and brought to our table and cleaned up after and $25 toward the bill from Grandma and Grandpa Reynolds

165. Bright colors

166. Stop action videos and a funny commentary on Abigail faces in pictures

167. People may actually read my blog

168. Lots of silliness with the kids while daddy has been home.

169. Sunshiney day at the zoo

170. Defecating animals and that I don't have to do that out in public with people watching

171. Leftover steak, onions, and mushrooms

172. Momma Patas monkey and her growing baby

173. Fun with cameras

174. Brad, Melissa, Kaylee, Coen & Rain came for supper

175. My Toothless Wonder lost another top tooth

176. Barbeque chips

177. Sunshine through the trees

178. Guard rails

179. Wegmans subs

180. Shiny combed out hair

181. My kids usually stay dry all night

182. Sunshine

183. Free underwear

184. Inspiring stories of people who live with less

185. How He loves us

186. "Everyone is lost and at the same time, everyone is loved."

187. Yuko

188. A new start for a new week

189. Little flowers and for sale signs popping up everywhere - it must be spring

190. Quick dentist appointments

191. No one walked into our house (that we can tell) when the door was left open while we were gone.

192. Eating some Living Food with the kids after lunch

193. A chance to pray with our small group for the people in our neighborhood

194. Our friends are moving to be neighbors with friends of ours

195. This list which makes me stop to look at what God has done

196. Apple crisp

197. Kids enjoying the cozi calendar

198. Kitties rubbing on my legs

199. Book loving kids

200. Margin is free on kindle!

And the list goes on. God is so gracious and I am learning to be so thankful.

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  1. i love reading your blog! i read all 200 and cracked up at 170 along with a bunch of others. so cute


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