Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kindle Books

This past fall we bought a used iphone for me to use as and ipod touch, not as a phone. We bought it because I wanted a touch with a camera (of course a few weeks later they came out with a new touch that had a camera but I'm thankful that I have this thing.)

One of my favorite apps on my iphone is the Kindle Reader App. There are tons of classic books available on the Kindle for free. There are also many temporarily free books available on Kindle that I have gotten. I was able to share one of my favorite books of all time Lord Calm My Anxious Heart with many friends on facebook recently because amazon had it free temporarily.

I have only actually bought one book for Kindle - One Thousand Gifts (which I am sure I will be blogging more about as I read through it again.) Today Unconditional?: The Call of Jesus to redical forgiveness was free. Kindle books never stay free long because Amazon is constantly changing their prices but I decided to grab it while it was free and check it out. I read it during DEAR time and was really challenged. Here is a quote that I highlighted, "CHristian forgiveness is not a cheap denial of the reality of evil or the trite sloganeering of 'forgive and forget.' That may suffice for minor personal affronts, but it is hollow and even insulting when applied to crimes like murder, rape, and genocide. No, Christian forgiveness is not cheap. Rather it is costly because it flows from the cross-the place where injustice and forgiveness meet in a violent collision. Christian forgiveness does not call us to forget. Christian forgiveness allows us to remember but calls us to end the cycle of revenge." I'm looking forward to reading the rest of this book. Forgiveness is a huge struggle even among Christians. We have been forgiven much and we should be the most forgiving.

I would recommend getting the free Kindle reader app for your computer or other device. There are great free books out there all the time and they have been a huge blessing to me.

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