Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tomorrow, Tomorrow....

"We'll probably get her done sometime tomorrow." Those are never words you want to hear when you took your car in to get worked on at 8 yesterday morning. When we took our car in yesterday we gave them a laundry list of things that we knew were wrong with it. They found something else on the front end that needs replaced or it wouldn't pass inspection. Ugg. The good news is that it is most likely the parts that we are having to replace are the same parts that we have an appointment to get inspected early next month that is part of a recall from Ford so, hopefully, we will get those parts refunded. We shall see. Either way I am very thankful that we have money in the bank to pay for these repairs, some expected and some not expected. God is so gracious!

Since we are stuck at home without a car (actually they sent Glenn home with a loaner but it only seats 5) we decided to get some work done on hot spot #1 from Simple Mom. Yeah, we were supposed to do it last week but better late than never. We tried on all of our clothes and helped the kids try on all of their clothes and helped them decide what clothes needed to go. At the moment, even with all the clothes that we got rid of from the kids' drawers it looks like they are set for clothes which is nice. I know that we need to put some time and money into Glenn's and my closet, especially Glenn's since he starts his clinical rotations this summer and needs to have decent clothes to wear. Most of his dress clothes are either from Temple or when he was substitute teaching and are completely worn out. (He hasn't completely gone through his closet when these pictures were taken. I am sure that he has more clothes to add to both piles from there when he does.)
Give away clothes

throw away clothes
We're looking forward to getting our van back tomorrow and hopefully being able to get out and go for a hike or something as a family. I am thankful for this break from normal life and a chance to get some much needed clearing out done.

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