Monday, April 04, 2011

More Blessings

When I got on my blog today to see what number I left off on last week I was horrified to realize I hadn't blogged here since last Monday. I have had many things to blog about, just haven't had/ taken the time to sit down and blog. Well, here's my Monday list, working my way to 1000:

235. One year in heaven for a dear lady who was such a godly example and influence on my life in my late teen and young adult years    

236. Hot chocolate at Grandma's

237. Sunny, cold weather

238. Glenwood Foods- restocked with cheese sticks, popcorn, oatmeal, brown rice, dried pineapple, and creamer

239. Lunch and time to visit at Grandma's

240. Time with Phoebe

241. Time to visit with AmyJo and hear about their Honduras trip.

242. Taxes were dropped off at the accountant, one less thing on my mind

243. Speed conversations with Kara on the way to and from flute practice

244. Cute girls with mismatched layered shirts

245. Free chicken tikka masala and naan for lunch from Sumrat - leftovers from a meeting at school

246. Drop Everything And Read time

247. Free tickets and a fun night together as a family at The Miracle Worker

248. Twice the kids is half the work, fun times with the Baer kids

249. Homemade pretzels

250. Sleeping in

251. Books

252. Leftovers galore

253. Relaxing friday

254. Winter spice coffee

255. Crocuses

256. Flute concert went well

257. Free, fun at the MOST it exceeded my low expectations. We could definitely go back

258. Jeremiah's birthday party, visiting with Dawn & David

259. Up and popcorn, great Sunday evening fun

260. April showers bring May flowers

261. Glenn noticed our registration was expired and after an hour waiting at the DMV our registration cost $40 less than last time. I guess Onondaga county is cheaper than Monroe 

262. New checks with our current address on them, the old checks had an address 6 addresses ago.

263. Fun walk to small group

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