Friday, June 01, 2012

Five Minute Friday: See

On Fridays I write for 5 minutes and link-up with the Gypsy Mama. Today's word:


Behold He comes
     Behold He comes
           Behold He comes
                Behold He comes
And every eye shall see Him.
Friend will you be ready
When Jesus comes?

Songs or quotes often come to mind when I see the word for 5 minutes Friday and on hearing the word "see" this song above came to mind. I remember singing it many times as a student at TTU. It was always fun hearing the low voices start and the progressively higher voices join in. I looked for a video but the only one I could find was this guy playing it on the piano.

I am so looking forward to seeing my Savior. I get "home-sick" for heaven often but the thing that has struck me thinking of this song again and of scriptures I have been reading lately is "are my friends ready?" I am so thankful for Jesus paying the price for my sin on the cross and I long to see Him but I don't want to keep it for myself. When every eye sees Him I want my friends not to cower in shame and regret but to look on Him in love and gratitude for redeeming them from the pit of their sin.


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  1. Oh, I agree. I never understood it before clearly, when "older folks" would say they just longed for heaven. I was too busy living here! But in the last 10 or so years...and really in the last 2, I GET IT. I'm only 43 but I really understand. Thanks for sharing! do I get the 5 minute Friday button to link on my blog?



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