Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our {Not as Adventuresome as Planned} Weekend

This weekend we had big plans: "Off to Syracuse for schospital stuff Saturday then on to Waterloo for a bday party that night (happy 50th Uncle Paul!) then on to Rochester for Rock the Lakes on Sunday then back to Syracuse for more schospital stuff Monday and Tuesday then we'll finally be home Tuesday night." We were also planning on meeting up with some friends, finding bathing suits and go to the zoo before our membership is up at the end of the month. Things didn't go exactly as planned but it was a good weekend overall.

Saturday we were up at 4:30 to head to Syracuse because Glenn had 10 fake patients to see starting at 7:15. After dropping him off we headed to the market and bought some #10 cans of beans at Budas for old times sake - haha. After that we went to hang out at a friend's house for a couple of hours. Our kids played with their kids and chickens while I helped Melissa do some yard work. We then went to Old Navy to pick up some swim suits (the kids needed new ones because they grew this past year for some reason and I had a 30% off coupon) then played at Thorndon Park until Glenn got done. After that headed to Waterloo for Uncle Paul's birthday. It was fun to catch up with some family members, meet a new baby cousin, and eat some yummy food while celebrating together. My grandparents were surprised to see us but welcomed us to crash at their house for the night. It was so fun to see them but difficult to see and hear of the struggles they are having as they age.

On Sunday we had weighed back and forth going to church in Rochester. We haven't been to church out there in over a year but I had seen online that the kids ministry was taking over the main service and, though we love HighPoint, we decided not to make the early trek to Rochester and instead went took Grandma and Grandpa down to Seneca Community Church, the church I grew up in. It was so great to be there and see so many people that I haven't seen in years besides on facebook, these people that were closer than family to me as I was growing up. It was a bit like a family reunion - you give hugs to lots of people, have short conversations with some, and never really get to fully catch up with anyone and then it's time to go and you wish that you lived closer. I realized as I was sitting there in church that the last time I had been there was dad's funeral 4 years ago, a realization that made me catch my breath as I sat there on Father's Day. I'm so glad that we went down there. One thing that always strikes me when I return to SCC is that when I mention my maiden name, "Nelson," to people who don't know me, they always immediately ask about Paul and Amy, my uncle and aunt. For some reason that always startles me because they didn't start going to church there until after I grew up and moved away so I don't really associate them with that church and also it makes me sad because fewer and fewer people know of my parents to link me with them.

After church we hit Aldi for some sandwich supplies and then ate with Grandma and Grandpa at their house. It was really hot and the forecast had been predicting thunderstorms so we were up in the air about going to Rock the Lakes to see Newsboys, Franklin Graham, etc. When I heard Caleb say, "I think that we should not go" that sealed it. I was really wanting to go mostly for him because I know that he loves the Newsboys but if he was OK with not going I was OK with not getting heat stroke and sunburns. Instead we all took naps at Grandma and Grandpa's house then played dominoes with Grandma. It was great to just hang out and relax instead of run, run, run! In the early evening we decided to give the grandparents a break from us and took a walk over to visit with our friends Phoebe and Aaron and their kids for a bit then went back to to Grandma and Grandpa's for hot dogs, popcorn, and ice cream for supper then back to sleep. It was so nice to just hang out with Grandma and Grandpa and enjoy them. Grandma commented that they didn't get to do these sleep over things with their kids or other grandkids (probably because they lived so close there was no need) and that she enjoyed it, especially not knowing in advance that it was going to happen so she didn't have to stress out about it. Grandpa loved seeing the girls all spread out asleep on their hide a bed couch and showing off his "Garden of Eden." I'm so glad we could spend this time with them.

Monday morning we didn't have to get moving that early so I decided to take a walk/run up and around the cemetery (C25K W2D2). It was nice to run somewhere flat and I got to see my parents' and grandparents' graves (I did forget the watermelon seeds though, hopefully we can get back to Waterloo sometime this summer). My aunt and uncle have kept some pretty flowers around their graves and I cried a little on my 5 minute walk home thinking of how I miss them. I was kind of embarrassed that I was crying when I saw a man riding a bike that I think was my chemistry teacher from high school. After sitting for a while out in Grandpa's garden and watching the birds, eating some breakfast and reading a devotional with my grandparents we said goodbye and headed back to Syracuse. When we were about 10 minutes down the road all of a sudden I heard screaming and couldn't figure out why everyone was doing so. Glenn pulled off to the side of the road because he had heard the vomiting. Gross! We cleaned up the girl, cleaned up the van a bit, found something to use as a puke bag and hit the road again. I let our friend that we were supposed to have a play date with know that a playdate was probably out of the question and instead she invited us into her home to let my sick one lay down on a bed (Dawn, you are my hero!). After stopping for a couple of quick errands we went and let Lydia lay down. She just wanted to go home so after Glenn was finally done at the schospital we chatted and decided that he should couch surf for the night and catch a ride part-way home with a classmate and we should head home.

The kids and I arrived home at about 9 and crashed praying that there would be no more vomit. We had to cancel plans most of our plans for Monday and all of our plans for Tuesday but my sick girl was so glad to sleep in her own bed. I am thankful that only one of us got sick and that she is better now! Even my child that was grouchy that we were heading home early ended up being glad that we came home early.
Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam, Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home; 

(Even though "home" changes addresses on a regular basis we are truly a bunch of home bodies.)

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