Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Water Safari ABCs

Yesterday we went to Water Safari. We had purchased discounted tickets through a homeschooling mom for the day so we went on a day that we wouldn't necessarily would have picked based on the forecast (54F by 10am, 60F by 1pm, scattered showers, thunderstorms starting at 4:30pm). After last week's temps in the high 80's and 90's a high of 62F at a water park didn't sound all that exciting.

It turned out to be a great day (and I don't think it was quite as cold as they had predicted). Since we were dry at the beginning we decided to do the dry parts of the park first so, after riding the Sky Ride, Glenn and the girls went on the Ferris Wheel while Caleb and I did the Tilt-a-whirl and Scrambler. Glenn suggested that we do the Bumper Cars next which was perfect timing because that was when the first downpour happened and we stayed dry! We rode some more rides then avoided another cloud burst under the train station while waiting for the circus. After the circus we decided to get wet and went to the wet rides at the back of the park. Later we took the train to the water area at the front of the park. At the end we were freezing so most of us went to get dry clothes from the car while Glenn and Hannah went to do Black River a few more times. Finally, all warm and dry, we rode the dry rides a bit more before heading home exhausted.

On our way home from adventures we often try to come up with an ABC list of memories so here is our ABC list from yesterday:

A: Abigail, Amazon
B: Black River, Bumper Cars
C: Caleb, Cascade Falls, Circus, Curse of the Silverback
D: Dad came with us!!
E: Elephant squirting water
F: Fun, family time, Ferris Wheel, frightening fun, Flivver Cars, fairy tale land
G: Glenn, gondola sky ride, goats (we got to pet them), gorilla and giraffe (both of which were statues)
H: Hannah, Helicopters, homeschoolers (there were 250 homeschool tickets purchased for the day so it was mostly homeschoolers there, of which I only recognized a handful), High Flying Pages, horse tricks
I: Ice cream (we are very thankful that we didn't pre-order the ice cream - everyone that we saw eating it was shivering and most of them also bought coffee or some other warm drink to warm them up while they were eating it!)
J: jerks (we didn't experience any - very thankful for that! I know this is a stretch but we were hard pressed for J's)
K: Killermanjaro
L: Lydia, Lazy River rides, Log Jammer, Lion (again, a statue)
M: memories, Merry-go-round
N: New experiences (I vaguely remember possibly going there as a child but no one else has been there)
O: Open lines (bumper cars were the only thing that we ever had to wait in line for)
P: Pool - a nice place to warm up!, Paul Bunyan, pumpkin oatmeal muffins
Q: Quesadillas - our easy go-to lunch when out on an adventure (and also makes it a sure thing that we have Q covered)
R: Rainy Day (even though it really didn't rain that much!), Raging Rapids, Rondaxe Run, Rope Walk
S: Sawmill, Scrambler
T: Train Rides, Tilt-o-Whirl, Tubes, Tall enough (everyone was tall enough for every ride! Sure makes things easier!)
U: underwear (of the dry variety at the end of the day)
V: very fun day
W: Water Safari, warm water, warm & dry clothes at the end of the day
X: x-hilaration
Y: You (Glenn said this, without me we wouldn't have gotten to go)
Z: Zoo (of the petting variety), Zebra (of the statue variety)

Caleb did an informal survey when we got home for his blog and here are his results:
 Favorite water ride: C: Cascade Falls H: Black River L: Black River A: Black River S: Cascade Falls G: Black River

 Favorite dry ride: C: Choppers H: Bumper Cars L: The Train A: Scrambler S: Tilt-A-Whirl G: Bumper Cars

 Overall favorite ride: C: Cascade Falls H: Black River L: Black River A: Black River S: Tilt-A-Whirl G: Black River

  So my family is now really tired and do not want to answer any more questions also I don't have any more. So I am going to tell you what my favorite part of Water Safari! My overall favorite part of Water Safari  is: The Circus!

I am so thankful that Glenn could come with us! He is the more "dare devil" of the two of us and he can take the more adventurous ones on rides that others of us are too scared to ride and he even convinces us to do things that we wouldn't otherwise try. It is also just so much fun to have him with us, I am SO thankful that he could come with us yesterday. The day definitely wouldn't have been the same without him!

NOTE #1: My kids are ruined for any big amusement park ever. They don't really have any concept of the idea that you may have to wait in line to ride rides since most of their experiences with amusement parks have included no wait times. We have also decided that days that rain is forecasted are the best days to go to a place like this since you are going to get wet anyway. Which reminds me of our wet day at Darien Lake way back when.

NOTE #2: Sorry there are no pictures included in this post. Google informed me that I had used up all of my free photo space for my blogs so until I (1) go back and shrink all my pictures to free up more space or (2) pay google to let me put more pictures on my blog there will be no new pictures. I will probably come back and add pictures later. :)

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