Friday, March 05, 2010

I love that little boy

Tonight I was getting some stuff done in the kitchen after the kids had gone to bed. Caleb's room is right outside the kitchen and he could see me. I must have looked like I was thinking about something because he asked me, "Hey Mom, what are you thinking?" I was honest and I told him, "I'm glad that I don't have a baby right now." He laughed at me and asked me why. I told him that so many of my friends that are around my age are having their first babies right now and I just couldn't imagine having another baby right now. Caleb said, "Yeah, and your first baby is 9 years old!" Then he started telling me how much he loves that his parents are young. He said that in Sunday School recently his teacher had said something about Jesus dying at age 33 and that all of their parents are probably older than that. Caleb told them "My parents aren't, they are 29 and 31." He thinks that he is really special and unique and thinks that his classmates think it is neat that Caleb's parents are "so young" because, as he says, "Most of their parents are in their 40s and 50s." I don't know if that is true but he thinks that it is pretty cool that his parents are so young. It made me laugh because I feel so old lately and Glenn is probably one of the oldest in his class.

As Caleb continued talking I was really encouraged. Sometimes I feel like we are so weird and I don't know if that is a good thing or not or what the kids think about our family. He started listing all kinds of things that he thinks make us weird - the food we eat, that we homeschool, and I can't remember what all else but as he was talking about them it was clear that he was so glad that he is a part of our family and that he loves that we are the way that we are. I finished up in the kitchen and headed out and said good night. Caleb told me "Thank you for talking to me Mom." I love that kid.

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