Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Today on his walk to the schospital our "principal" dad gave me a call telling me that I should take the kids out and have them collect worms for our compost pile that we are wanting to start. Therefore recess today was a walk around the block rescueing worms for our compost pile. Lydia picked up most of them. Hannah and Abigail each picked up one with some coersion. I think that Caleb and I each picked up quite a few not because we like to but just so we could get done. Lydia would have picked up worms all day if she had the chance. She loves all creatures, especially those smaller than her. We covered the bottom (and part of the side) of a big margarine tub that was in our recycling bin on our walk and deposited them where we want to start our compost.

Caleb just corrected me that he likes to pick up worms (I think that he got used to it - he didn't really like it at the beginning!). Lydia is now asking if we can go out and check on our worms. She doesn't want any of them to die.

For science we are reading an old book that I got for free from http://www.homeschoolfreebie.wholesomechildhood.com/ a couple of weeks ago called The Mary Frances Garden Book in expectation of the time when we are past our last frost scare and can plant! We are excited to be able to be "home" for a summer WITHOUT MOVING (Lord willing!) to actually have a garden. We have only been home and not moved one summer of our whole 11 1/2 year marriage and I am pretty excited about it (obviously!).

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