Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Break

Well, spring break is already over half way done. It is hard to believe. Where did it go? Well, I guess it got a late start because Glenn and I got sick at the beginning of it. We had plans for Saturday, Sunday and part of Monday but they kind of got thrown out the window when we got sick. We had disappointed kids and disappointed friends and relatives in the Rochester area and We were disappointed not to go to Northridge for church and for Vertical Worship. We had been given permission to crash our old small group on Monday night so we decided to head to Rochester anyway on Monday after Hannah had given us permission to crash at their place.

We went to Rochester via the Waterloo Outlets because Glenn needed more jeans and I always have fun "seeing what they are giving away" at Children's Place. We got to Hannah's house and got to hang out with her and Hudson and then Miranda and Levi came over and we played and made strombolis and ate them after Dave came home before small group.

It was so nice to go to small group. I have missed going to small group SO much. I know back in that video interview 11 months ago I said that the most important thing that I was looking for in a church in moving to Syracuse was small groups. Um. The church we are going to does not have small groups. We don't know what we are going to do. When Glenn and I actually had our first conversation in weeks on Saturday afternoon we discovered that small group and friends are two things that we are desperately missing and that we need. We have not decided what we are going to do about it but it is something that we have to do something about soon!

Anyway, back to small group. It was neat to see how our old group is growing, both in numbers and spiritually. There is a new couple in our small group that I had been been prompted to pray for many times while we were still at North and I had invited them to our small group last year but they were not able to come and I am so excited that they are now going to our group. Correction, our old group. sigh.... It was so nice to sit around and discuss faith, obedience, grace, mercy, and love with these people that I love so dearly and hear how they are growing and some of the exciting things and struggles that are going on and to pray together and have someone pray for me!

We spent the night at Dave and Hannah's house. In the morning on Tuesday we hung out with Hannah and Hudson. I knew Hannah at Houghton, she and Dave even came over and made us homemade mac and cheese after I had Lydia and we went to their wedding. Glenn was friends with Dave from various science classes but Hannah and I were never that close. They moved to Rochester shortly after we left so we have never actually lived there together but they are some of our favorite people in Rochester. I love talking to Hannah because she had been where I am as a wife of a medical student and a mom. I think that she had it harder though because she was going through law school at the same time and had Hudson while they were in school. (I couldn't imagine taking classes at this point on top of everything else OR having a baby!) It was good to talk to Hannah and hear how they are doing and talk about the ups and downs of parenting, medical school, residency, studying for the bar exam (she just took it at the end of February), struggling to make friends and develop a support group, etc. It was nice to bounce ideas off each other and be an encouragement to each other.

We left their place mid-afternoon after grabbing our fish tank stuff and a few other things from Eric and Rachael's garage and headed East again. Since we were going to be passing close to Russ and Camy's we gave them a call to see if we could stop in for a quick visit. We picked up some hot dogs and hamburgers and french fries at their new, beautiful Aldi that is just down the street and had a quick dinner together. I love them. It was fun to visit with them and to see Malachi - he's getting so big! We didn't stay really long because Camy still has work to do on her big paper which is the last big thing she has to do for her Master's - yeah!!

Today is Wednesday already. We slept in (or at least we were supposed to, my body decided that it needed to be up at 6:40 and wouldn't let me go back to sleep) and had fun hanging out at home and then made a trip to Salvation Army where we found Glenn a new commuter bike that has space for fenders so his clothes won't get so gross :) (I'll let you ask him how many bikes he has now, I really don't know!) The kids played outside then we had tacos for supper. (Taco Wednesday just doesn't have quite as catchy of a sound as Taco Tuesday but that is what it has been lately.) After supper we took a walk down to the Co-op to get cheap coffee. Bring your own cup refills are only 15 cents on Wednesday. I can't afford anything else at the Co-op but I do like the cheap coffee when I remember to walk down there on Wednesdays.

It sure has been nice to be on spring break. Tomorrow we are going to the Zoo and I don't know what else we will do but I should probably think about lesson plans for next week and Glenn wants to get MLC done and preview those 20 lectures or so that he'll have next week. There are other things on our "to do" lists that we should get to before real life starts again way too soon. It sure has been nice to breathe with our brains kind of turned off for a while though.

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