Sunday, March 21, 2010

Friday Fun

Early in the week I got a voicemail from my brother asking for help with Malachi this Friday. He and Camy both had to work and everyone that they had asked had not been able to watch him for them. Fridays are usually light days school-wise so I called Camy the next day and told her that I'd be able to watch him at Grandma and Grandpa's house, provided they would be willing to let me watch him there while they were gone. I was sad to not get to see my Grandparents but glad to both help Russ and Camy and watch Malachi.

It turned out that my Grandpa turned his foot as they were leaving to go to the Bible Blitz in Rochester so they were not able to go. Grandma was still going to go up on Friday to help out while Grandpa was home but she got a call late on Thursday that they had enough help and she was not needed so I got to spend the day with them as well as Malachi which was so much fun. When we had gone to spend the day with them back in January while Grandma was watching Malachi we decided that we should try to do it monthly but had not done it in February so I am glad that it worked out to do it in March. It was fun to spend some unexpected time with Grandma and Grandpa. Caleb played several games of checkers with them and even beat Grandpa (much to his surprise!) We got to spend a few minutes with Russ when he brought us some pizza from Mark's for lunch then after school as well and we got to spend some time with Ehren and go to the playground with Kyle. We got to catch up with AmyJo and Camy briefly as well and Caleb even got to stay the night at Kyle's for his birthday party unexpectedly.

When I was talking to Russ he said, “Malachi is the glue that brings us all together” and I guess it was true on Friday. He is such a cutie. At 3 months he has gotten quite a bit bigger and is smiling a lot. I hope that he slept well for his mommy and daddy that night because he only took about 3 naps that were only about 15-20 minutes a piece all day.

I am thankful that I got to spend some time with some of my family members that are “so close” and yet “so far away.”

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