Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Couch to 5K - Week 1

It seems that most every year I think about doing a training plan to enable me to run a 5k. I first cut a training plan out of a magazine several years ago. This year I am trying it again but I am involving my kids. Last week when we went to Waterloo I was sad that Caleb didn't really want to play with the boys on the playground when they were playing tag because he just couldn't keep up. We have really been too much of couch potatoes this winter and we are all pretty out of shape. Glenn and I are both concerned for our kids to be fit because at around Caleb's age and for several years there after we both went through our fat stage. (OK, I admit, I am probably still in mine but that is something that I would love to change!) If we can help that not happen to Caleb and the girls we would love it! I want our kids to be active throughout their lives and not be sedentary.

That being said I have made my kids start the Couch to 5K with me. On Monday we did Week 1 Day 1. It was a dreary yucky day but we did it because you have to start some time and if we start on a yucky day it will make it a lot easier to do it on yucky days in the future. The running for 60 seconds was a lot harder for the kids that I thought it was going to be. Lydia actually did run more than she had to and Abigail got a bit distracted with the swings at the park. We headed out to the soccer fields and chased some Canadian Geese (nice to see them back by the way!) during part of our run. When we were done we walked the first block up the hill, raced the 300 block then walked the rest of the way home ready for our snack.

Today we did Day 2. Glenn was home this morning so he met us at the park and ran with us. Today we ran in and around the tennis courts. We had found a website with mp3 tracks to help you know when to run and when to walk. Glenn downloaded the Christian Indie Tracks one to my phone and we listened to it on speaker phone as we ran and passed it on to the next person when it was time to run again. It was a fun motivator but it was still painful. The kids were more tired this time. They are not appreciating that I am making them do this but I think that they will appreciate it more in 9 weeks when they can run for 30 minutes without stopping.

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  1. that's awesome! :) good for ya'll! i love seeing whole families get involved in fitness- it somehow makes it easier to do it all together :) then you can motivate each other! i've never heard of couch to 5k..will have to look that up. landon and bree are just getting interested in doing light weight training and situps etc. :) it's more comical at this point- but it's a start right!! :)


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