Thursday, March 18, 2010

Questions and Answers

Last night we started something new. We have been reading through the New Testament with the kids for a while. We started last year when we were challenged in church to read the Bible every day for 40 days and we haven't done it as faithfully as we'd like and we don't get to it every night but most nights we try to “do thank yous” and read a chapter. Last night we read John 12 but we also did something new. I recently requested Honey for a Child's Heart by Gladys Hunt from the Onondaga County library system because I remember borrowing it from a church library some time in the past and I remember that it had a great list in the back of recommended books to read at various ages. I was wanted suggestions for books to read so I checked it out again. As I re-read it I came across and idea that her family had practiced (I think in her home growing up but don't quote me on that one) that after reading a passage from the Bible each family member was required to ask and answer a question. I thought that it was a neat idea and it would get us talking more about what we read and get everyone to pay attention because everyone has to think up a question and everyone has to listen to make sure that they can answer one question someone else asked. We introduced the idea to the kids on Monday night after reading but told them that we would do it next time which was last night. Abigail didn't really understand and couldn't come up with a question when asked but she did answer a question and I think that she will be able to come up with a question tonight. Caleb, Hannah and Lydia all asked really good questions though. “What did they want to do to that man that Jesus raised from the dead?” “Where did Jesus meet the Greeks?” “Why did they want to kill Lazarus?” I think that it is a great idea and the kids all really got into it. I am excited for our Bible reading time tonight to do it again!

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