Sunday, March 21, 2010

Saturday Ladies' Brunch

On Saturday we had a ladies' brunch at my friend Michelle's house. It is hard to get to know people at church in the 20 minute coffee time between church and Sunday school on Sundays and a couple of the ladies decided we should have an informal get together to have a chance to talk. About 20 ladies came. There was lots of yummy food and we were given a list of questions that we were to ask 3 people and we were supposed to talk to people that we hadn't really talked to before. It was neat to be challenged to talk to new people and be given something to talk about/ questions to ask. The first couple were basic: “name?” “stage of life?” After that you had to think about your answers and we got a chance to talk and ask more questions related to them. The last 4 questions were: “What are you most looking forward to?” “What are you least looking forward to?” “What are you delighted that it is over?” “Something interesting (special talent, experience, etc.)” (I am going from memory so I don't know that that was how it was exactly worded.) I think that it went really well. We all got to talk to people that we probably wouldn't have without being prompted to and made some new friends and actually learned something about them.

I got to talk to four ladies, two of whom I had never really had a conversation with before. I talked with Nadine who had been a missionary in Africa for 32 years and we got to share our love of biographies and she even brought a couple of missionary biographies for me to borrow to church today. I also got to talk to Michelle who is looking forward to summer to get to spend more time with her kids. I got to talk to Hazel whose husband's job will end soon and I got to talk to Betty who has 4 kids, 4 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren who all need Jesus.

I am so thankful for this time I had to get to know these special ladies. I wish I could have talked to all of them but there wasn't enough time. I am glad Glenn watched the girls too so I could go and that I could ride with Liji and visit with her on the way too. It was a fun morning.

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