Sunday, April 04, 2010

Holy Week

This past week was Holy Week, the week leading up to Easter or Resurrection Sunday. As a family we did the Family Bible Readings that I posted a link to last week on my blog. The introduction that we read together last Saturday challenged us to fast in some way, shape, or form in preparation for Resurrection Sunday. We talked about fasting and the purpose for it and asked the kids what they thought they should give up and told them what we were being led to give up for the week. We told them they should pray about it some more and we would discuss what God had laid on their hearts to give up on the way to church in the morning.

I gave up the computer. I am a bit of a computer addict and it was something that God was calling me to do so my computer stayed closed (except for for a few minutes for the kids' science lessons and the little girls' math). I was amazed at how little extra time I actually had during the week even though I do spend more time than I should on the computer - how do I get everything done and waste all that time?? I know that in the future I really need to limit my time on the computer more and spend time doing more important things. One thing that I really missed was blogging so I have some thoughts running around in my brain that will hopefully be showing up here soon.

Glenn gave up screen time. He has to check his email for school related stuff so he checked his email 2 times a day but other than that he only used the computer if it was necessary for school work (as it sometimes is) and had no other screen time.

Caleb gave up Wii and Xbox. Hannah and Lydia fasted from candy. I think that it was especially challenging for the girls because around Easter it seems that candy is everywhere. Hannah told me that fasting from candy has taught her to wait.

Abigail didn't pick anything to fast from. Since she has not decided to become a follower of Christ yet we guessed that that was ok because it wouldn't really mean anything to her.

I really enjoyed the Bible readings and it was nice to be able to really focus and try to prepare my heart for Resurrection Sunday through them. I am looking forward to doing it again next year, Lord willing, and seeing how God works in all of our lives more as the time goes on.

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