Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm Giving Myself a Break

Written last week, before we got internet so just posting now.

I was really feeling guilty earlier this week because we didn't do any school last week because we were packing up our apartment and I couldn't do both, and we haven't done any school this week because we've been unpacking and it's been Glenn's spring break. I started thinking... "oh no!! We'll never finish our school work for this year!!" I always err to the extreme. Freak out is often my middle name, unfortunately.

Thankfully, yesterday (Wednesday), as I was trying to get our school/ dining room set up and talking with God about my frustrations, He reminded me of Fillmore. Sometime while we were living in Houghton Fillmore schools changed their spring break from 2 weeks in the spring back to back to one week in February and one week around Easter like I had growing up in Waterloo. This upset a lot of people who really liked the two week chunk off because they could go on family trips, ect. I'm so thankful for that reminder because it was freeing - other people have taken 2 weeks off in a row for spring break in the past. Silly. I know.

We didn't take a February break because I knew our move was coming up and Glenn didn't have one. One thing that I love about homeschooling is that we can take breaks when Glenn's free (like this week) or when we need them (like last week). I am required to do a certain number of hours/ days of school with the kids but I'm not required to follow the school calendar. If I was Lowville School's spring break is, in fact, this week so no one around here is expecting the kids to have school this week anyway.

Thanks God for the freedom to homeschool and to make our own schedule. Thanks for the opportunity to take a break last week and this week. Please help us to enjoy the rest of it for your honor and glory.

We've started school back up this week and I've still had to give myself a bit of a break because we still haven't figured out exactly how the house is going to be set up and my stations are not set up yet so we've had a bit lighter week than I would have liked but we are still pretty close to on schedule for the year. I got my paperwork in to the school district today so I am officially, legally homeschooling again. Only 1 quarter left of this year - hard to believe!!

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