Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Something Old, Something New

We haven't done laundry since we moved to Lowville because there was no washer in the basement. There are hook-ups and we have been hounding Craigslist for a washer but, with the soldiers just recently returning to Fort Drum, washers have been going quickly. (Yes, there are laundromats here, but I haven't made the time to go and I am stubborn.) We did a couple of loads of laundry at Grandma and Grandpa's house when we were in Waterloo for Easter but it was getting pretty desperate around here as far as laundry goes and it was made worse by the fact that Abigail threw up this morning after a pretty bad headache (which was completely better after vomiting). We had already decided that we were just going to buy a new washer since we weren't finding one on Craigslist.

After the research we've done the last couple of weeks we decided, if we were going to buy a new one, to buy a Speed Queen because it is quality, it's mechanical, has great warranties, and is made in the USA. They are only sold through local, small businesses. We decided to buy it from Zehr Electric which I heard about during our playdate yesterday and is owned by a pastor. I don't think that I've ever owned a new appliance. (For that matter we never really buy anything new, except food and underwear.) I think even all of the appliances my parents ever owned were from that used appliance place in town. This washer should last us for the rest of the time that we have kids at home, minimum, Lord willing. We're not going to bother to buy a dryer because God dries our laundry pretty quickly on our big Amish drying rack or on lines outside in nice weather.

We decided to drive out 812 to Croghan to pay for the washer and just because it's fun to explore the area (which reminds me, I'll have to blog about Saturday's adventures soon). On our way to the store we went a little too far and had to turn around but saw a fun old bridge by Croghan Island Mill that we just had  to walk across. (Quick google search tells me that the sawmill there is one of the last ones in NY (if it's still in operation) entirely powered by water, pretty neat!) We walked across a couple of bridges, watched the water flow, tried to play Pooh Sticks, and saw the skins of some dead fish here by where the picture was taken. Croghan looks like a fun little town, there's a few places I'd like to go back and explore there sometime in the future.
On the way home we made a couple of stops. The first one was a little thrift store where we picked up a few items including a baseball glove, a colander, a sifter, an old iron, and a quilt all for less than $4 total. The second stop was Nolt's Country Store. It's a cute little Mennonite store. It reminds me of the old Sauder's Store when it was in the original location behind the farm house when I was little. It'll be a good place to buy my bulk items since I won't be able to make my monthly trips to Waterloo to visit my grandparents quite as regularly because we are now 3 hours away instead of 1 :(.
my 75 cent quilt from the thrift store, it's a bit thread-bare in spots but it is still fun!
We almost didn't beat Nathan to our house when he came to deliver and set up our washer. He got it set up quickly and made sure it was working then was on his way and I started a load of whites. (Glenn was almost out of t-shirts and the kids are always running out of socks!)
Our new washer in our basement
Thanks, God, for a fun day, for a new washing machine (and the financial resources to purchase it), and for the fun purchases at the thrift store, especially the quilt. We are so blessed!

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  1. Anonymous8:36 PM

    We love Pooh Sticks! That is such an awesome game. I've never met another family that plays. I wish I had encouraged Caleb and the kids to play more. We have the perfect bridge (if not the perfect stream)! Aww, we miss you guys so much. Glad you are settling in and enjoying yourself though. Love, Em


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