Monday, April 30, 2012

Exploring Art and Literacy

Our paintings :)
One area that my Maas Academy is weak in is art. I was excited a couple of months ago when I got the Lowville Library's monthly email that announced that they had a free art and literacy class at the library. We stopped by the library on the way home from somewhere a week and a half ago and the librarian told me that I should take the kids downstairs and have them check out the class. We went down and I stuck around because the librarian had indicated that I was supposed to. The teacher said that I could stay but I would have to participate if I stayed. They were studying Paul Cezanne that week and we got to paint still life. We don't paint often because it is a mess to clean up after but it was fun to paint at the library. There was space for them so I signed the kids up for the Wednesday class.

This past week the kids got to do portraits in Rembrandt's style with the subjects in funny costumes. (I didn't get a picture of their portraits, maybe next week!)

I am thankful for a fun art class for the kids!

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