Friday, April 13, 2012

What's your definition of home?

Everytime we move I wonder when where I'm living is going to feel like I'm home. It always takes a different amount of time and it is always a different trigger that says, "I'm home."

This afternoon there was a knock on our door. Two girls from down the street were there (one of whom helped haul our boxes in that first day). They wondered if our kids could use someone to play with. They played outside for a while and met some kids from a couple doors down then came in and had nerf gun wars all over the house. Dinner time came and they went home but were invited to come for our walk with us after dinner.

After dinner we walked over to pick them (and their brother and other sister) up and, after chatting for a while with their parents, we took them with us on our walk. I don't think that they realized that we were going to walk all the way around our block, not theirs. They were astounded that we were going to walk all the way up the hill to WalMart. "Cars have a hard time making it up that hill." (The should see the hill on Westmoreland that we used to walk.) I, for some reason, hadn't ever really realized that it was a hill there because every time I've walked around the block we've gone the other way and I never realized that we were going downhill. Anyway, we did walk all the way around the block and had a good time with them. After the walk they came over to our house and watched Monsters vs Aliens with us.

It was fun and kind of felt like home to have extra kids in our house today. I don't know that Lowville completely feels like home yet but it is fun to get to know new people and I'm thankful that my kids are making friends.

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