Friday, January 20, 2012


This week we have all been pretty miserable with awful colds. School has not happened like I would have liked but we have been doing some stuff.

On Tuesday, with several sick kids, I knew that school was not going to happen like normal. I had checked out a VHS of The Incredible Story of the ZamZam A Missionary Odyssey from the library a while ago but we had yet to watch it. I figured that Tuesday was the perfect day to do so. I am glad that we did. It was neat to hear of the amazing story of the Egyptian ship carrying 144 missionaries bound for Africa and 33 children among other passengers that was sunk by a German ship during WWII. Amazingly all of the missionaries and all but (I think) 3 of the other passengers survived after they abandoned ship and were consequently picked up by the ship that had sunk it.

I love sharing faith building stories with my kids and this was definitely one of them. After we watched the video we got online to find out more of the story and read much of this website put together by survivors and their families (I think). It was so neat to read the incredible "God things" that happened to help ensure the survival of the crew and 201 passengers and to hear the neat stories that were shared. God is so amazing and now we have one more story to add to the unlimited list that reminds us that we can trust Him!

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