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Twelve Days of Christmas 2011 Lego Version

God has blessed us. We know that. We are reminded of it again and again.  He doesn't have to bless us but He does again and again. This year for the Twelve Days of Christmas we have been super-abundantly blessed in how we were able to bless our kids with a gift from God.

We usually celebrate the Twelve Days of Christmas. I blogged about our normal Twelve Days/ Epiphany Traditions. This year was different. This was a special year. One reason it was extra special was because Glenn was around and we were home for all twelve days this year. I am very much appreciating that he had a two week Christmas break this year. I know that it, most likely, will never happen again. I know that and we have tried to make the most of it.

The second reason that these twelve days have been extra special is because of an amazing find that God allowed Glenn to find on Craigslist for our kids. Our kids love Legos. They got a bunch of Legos last year from their aunt and uncle and then they used their Christmas money to buy a bunch of them from Craigslist. One thing that they really wanted for Christmas was more Lego minifigures. There are a couple of Lego Education minifigure sets on Amazon that we've looked at and drooled over but the price sky rocketed on them. A few weeks before Christmas Glenn did his normal searches on craigslist and found someone selling their Legos up near Fort Drum. He and Caleb drove up and got them (though Caleb had no idea what they bought) and when we got home we dug through and found out that we could make this year's twelve days of Christmas one that they would never forget.

So, here is it, 2011 Twelve Days of Christmas - Lego Style (written by our kids):

On the first day of Christmas our parents gave to us a news reporter. 

On the second day of Christmas our parents gave to us two rascally bandits.

On the third day of Christmas our parents gave to us three car mechanics.

On the fourth day of Christmas our parents gave to us four movie crew men.

On the fifth day of Christmas our parents gave to us five cowboys

and their horses.

On the sixth day of Christmas our parents gave to us six knights with spears.

On the seventh day of Christmas our parents gave to us seven soldiers with rifles.

On the eighth day of Christmas our parents gave to us eight pirates fighting.

On the ninth day of Christmas our parents gave to us nine merry men.

On the tenth day of Christmas our parents gave to us ten spacemen

with jet packs.

On the eleventh day of Christmas our parents gave to us eleven knights with shields.
On the twelfth day of Christmas our parents gave to us twelve Star Wars characters.

Here's the whole crew.

It was fun to watch them react to the mini-figures as they were presented each day. We were wondering how long it would take them to figure out what we were doing. On the morning of the sixth day Caleb went up to Glenn and said, "I really don't think that you can keep this up." Glenn asked him what he was talking about and he said that the night before he had figured out that for the twelve days of Christmas we would have to give them 78 mini-figures if we kept on at the current rate. We didn't really respond.

After we gave them the bin of Legos that we had dug the minifigures out of yesterday we told them that, most likely they will never experience a twelve days of Christmas like this again. They said they may sneak out the mini-figures and re-create it every year.

I'm so thankful for our kids and how they love to play together. We really don't know how many sets came in that bin but last night we got online and started to make Fort Legoredo, which I'm sure we have. I'm thankful for this big bin of Legos that we got for (as best as we can figure) less than 10% of the price.

Thanks, God, for blessing us with a twelve days of Christmas we'll never forget.

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  1. WOW God is Good :) He even gives us the desires of our hearts. A gift for our kids... now that is Good :)
    Love all the Texas Gang!


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