Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Doing Some Dragon Slaying

We had a wonderful two weeks off of normal life. No homeschooling. No Glenn's life being controlled by the schospital. No traveling (besides our day trip to Lowville). It was wonderful. Of course all of us got a little sick but, that is to be expected.

We also got a bit lazy over break. Sleeping in, not doing all the normal "need to do" things. I have been using "pomodoros" to get tasks done and had used several getting ready to start school back up on Monday when Glenn had to go in for Neuro orientation and we got to start school again. I was actually looking forward to it after the refreshing two week break.

Monday went well. I got up at 5:40, read my through the Bible (snuggled under the covers - PTL for Youversion!), then got up and exercised for a bit before taking Glenn to school. School went well with hardly any back to school bumps (praise God!)

Tuesday didn't go so well. I overslept and days never go nearly so well when I oversleep and Tuesday was no exception. We made it through and I got an email that was titled "Slay Your Dragon Before Breakfast." Boy, did I need to read that one! He talks about Lethargy, his 3 headed dragon. The 3 heads are Pneuma (spiritual), Soma (physical), and Nous (intellectual). He tells how he combats them by reading the Bible and then listening to audio books while exercising and how he must be slain before breakfast or the dragon wins. I know that I have the same 3 headed dragon that too often wins in my life and I knew that I really need make some choices to slay him (me!) daily.

Today I woke up cognizant of that dragon lurking in my bedroom. I grabbed my iphone and opened youversion. After doing my reading I went to the living room to spend some time doing Wii Fit. (I like running with Wii Fit because I see the Miis of friends and family members and it prompts me to pray for them - and I'm too much of a wuss to run outside.) Glenn ran with me this morning which was fun. :) Today went much better. I am not sure what I am going to do about slaying that intellectual dragon. I know that my brain is not where it should be, nor do I really ever challenge it. I would be open to suggestions.

So, I am trying to make life change. Maybe too many at once (but they are all necessary!). Hello Mornings starts on Monday and I am looking forward to the accountability that it will (hopefully) bring.

Gotta get everything set for tomorrow when I need to get up and slay that dragon again.

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