Wednesday, January 04, 2012

First Visit to Lowville

We went up to Lowville today to meet the doctors that Glenn will be working with up there and tour the hospital and their office in Lyons Falls. Dr. Lynn met us, picked up lunch for us, drove us down to the office where we were able to meet Dr. Dan, then took us back up and showed and introduced us around the hospital. Everyone was very friendly and excited about having another student. We were given a long list of things that we must do while living in Lowville (including the county fair- everyone goes to the county fair and we should go every day and submit anything we've made in the last year for judging). It seems that quilting is a big thing so I may have to learn to use our new to us sewing machine. It was fun to ride in their van and getting a running list of all that was around to see and do. (I should have been writing stuff down!) We got to drive past some townhouses/ apartments that had been built as housing for Fort Drum that are now privately owned where we will, most likely, be living. I was also given the names of a few homeschool families who might be starting a 4H group our kids could possibly be a part of.

After leaving the hospital we stopped in the library for a bit and I read a couple books to Abigail. We met Dawn, the children's librarian, and she told us about all the homeschool resources that they had and the summer reading program and the wii room downstairs that I can use as an incentive for the kids whenever I want, just talk to her. She also put in a big plug for the county fair. I think it might be fun living in a small town.

After leaving Lowville we drove to Adams and met us with some friends of ours from our TTU days, John and Michele. It was fun to catch up with them and meet their 4 kids who enjoyed munching french fries, drinking pop and goofing around with our 4. The natives all got a bit restless after 2 hours sitting in a booth in a McDonalds with no playland (they all did great) and we headed back down to Syracuse with hopes to meet up again soon since we now know how ;)

On the way home we drove through Lights on the Lake at Onondaga Lake Park because we'd bought tickets for it at Wegmans and hadn't been there yet. It was fun to see all the light displays but the flashing lights contributed to headaches and we headed home ate grilled cheese quick and are heading to bed early.

So... It looks like Lowville it is, Lord willing. We're looking forward to what God has in store.

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