Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's April 15th!

Now, April 15th is commonly known as Tax Day. It is a day that some people dread and some people look forward to. In my house it is a day that everyone looks forward to but not because it is Tax Day, it is because it is Flip Flop Day! April 15th is the day that we have designated as the day to get out our flip flops, sandals, and shorts for the season. My kids were so excited. Caleb woke up first and ran outside with his shorts that he had been using as PJ's on. He was excited to announce that he was the first one to go outside with shorts on. He soon asked me, “Mom, where are the sandals?” I told him they were in a box, probably in the girls' closet. He went in with a flashlight to try to find them. There was a little noisy party (sorry upstairs neighbors!) with a lot of rejoicing and trying on of sandals and flip flops when Glenn pulled the box out. It was determined that I was the winner with the most pairs of sandals (I have 6, one of which I was supposed to throw out several moves ago but they are so comfortable I just can't get rid of them!) Glenn came in a close second with 5. Everyone else has at least 2 pairs that fit them.

Yeah for flip flops! Here's to 6 months of wearing sandals! Happy April 15th! (October 15th when they go away and snow boots come out is not quite as much of a celebration.)

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  1. Hi, Sonja,
    You should move to Texas and wear Flip Flops year round!!!!!!! Love ya, Anita and all the Texas Gang :)18997542


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