Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring Break?

This week is spring break in NY. We could not take the week off because I really want to be done with school by the end of May so that when Glenn is done for the summer we can be too. I did decide to give the kids a lighter week though because I knew that we had a couple of things that we might possibly do. It has been a fun week even though we haven't been on spring break because others have been.

On Monday some friends from Waterloo had planned to go to the zoo so we went to meet them there. We didn't run into everyone that I knew that was at the zoo but we did get to visit with Christa for a bit (the one who organized it) and we spent most of the day around the zoo with Desi and her family whom we hadn't seen since we moved to Rochester. My girls were thrilled to spend time with Natalie and Andrea and got re-acquainted quickly. Caleb was thrilled to have bigger boys (it was weird for me to see Caleb looking short with the boys!) to hang out with.

On Tuesday we had a visit from Nan, Will and Drew from Rochester. It was so much fun to watch the boys play together. They played some Wii and Lego Star Wars. After lunch they got to meet the kids across the street and swing on Kaylee's rope swing then we went down to Barry Park to play. It was nice for me to just sit around and visit with Nan. They are special friends and I am so glad that they made the trip out to see us!

After they left on Tuesday night we went to see an apartment that I had noticed on a walk that morning about 6 blocks from where we are living. It is $75/month more than we pay here but it is the same amount as we paid for our little house on Meadowbrook for much more space than we had there (it is about the same size as our current apartment) so we put in our application for it on Wednesday afternoon with a check for a security deposit and paid for half of May so that he would hold it for us even though our lease here doesn't end until the end of May. The landlord would rather have someone move in May 1st as the previous tenants are already out and he said that he would give it to someone who would move in May 1st over us. I am hoping that we will be moving there but until I actually sign a lease I am not 100% planning on it. I can remember last fall too well.

Yesterday we got school work done in the morning then the kids played with the neighbor kids in the afternoon. We are going to miss them when we no longer live across the street from them anymore!

Today we got school done in the morning again and headed out to Green Lakes State Park. It was a lot colder than I thought that it was going to be but we had fun. We met up with a few other homeschool families that go to the American Girl book club that we have been a part of on Thursday afternoons twice a month. It was nice to sit and chat with the moms while the kids ran around and played on the playground. I think that this group is going to try to get a co-op thing going including the boys in the fall studying countries and cultures. I am pretty excited about it. We have enjoyed the book club so much and I am looking forward to spending more time with these moms.

Well, it hasn't been spring break for us but it has been a fun week. I think that tomorrow is just normal day but the kids don't have too much more school work to get done and the girl from across the street is going to come over at noon so we won't be bored. It has been nice to have a bit of a change of pace from our normal "boring" lives. (I have even gotten 11 boxes packed in the process.)

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