Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Faith of a Child

Today during lunch we read part of the On the Clouds to China, The Story of Hudson Taylor, a Faith and Fame biography that we had started a while back because we couldn't find the American Girl book that we are working on. (We are speed reading the American Girl books b/c of the home school book club that we are part of covering one girl a month and we want to read all of the books before the meeting.) I am thankful that we "had" to read about Hudson Taylor. It was so encouraging and faith bolstering hearing how God provided exactly what was needed or more than what was needed in His perfect time.

After lunch before laying down for quiet time the kids walked around the house talking about ways that God has provided for us in the past. It was so encouraging to hear them talk and hear how excited they were about what God has done for us in the past. I think that they were doing it because they heard the weariness and fear in my voice concerning finding a new place to live again. I love their faith! They have no doubts that God is going to take care of us. I am thankful for their faith, it encourages me! I wonder what God is going to do in each of their futures, what He is preparing them for. This momma needs to get on her knees more!

God used two other quotes to encourage me today from other books that I am working on (I am in the middle of too many right now!).

"The struggles that you are going through now - don't discard them. Listen to God as He teaches you so that you can teach others. You see, a time of suffering teaches us something we never knew before and may prepare us for a time for counsel that we will give someone years from now." - Max Lucado (found in Creative Correction by Lisa Whelchel)

"In the light of eternity we shall see that what we desired would have been fatal to us, and that what we would have avoided was essential to our well-being." - Fenelon (found in Isobel Kuhn a biography about a missionary to China by Lois Hoadley Dick)

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