Friday, April 23, 2010

Packing Nostalgia

Packing often makes me nostalgic. So far I have packed 20 boxes. All of them have been books. Not all of our books are packed yet. Books are one of our biggest weaknesses. I love books. We (obviously) have a lot of them.

I am not exactly sure how many boxes we have. When I empty them I keep them in stacks of like boxes (BOOKS, KIT, BATH, MISC, etc) and shrink wrap them in stacks of 10 with plastic wrap. I still have a few more boxes that say “BOOKS” on them. I have smiled at many of my boxes as I have filled them because of the little words written in pen or pencil. I often make notes of important things that I may look for in the process of unpacking or our stuff being in storage. Some of my boxes that say “out at the end at 1090,” “out at the end at Meadowbrook,” “out at B&K's.” I smiled as I thought of our time at those places. I always wonder what we were thinking at the boxes that are numbered “Book Box 1,” “Book Box 2,” etc. I think that it must have been on our move from Houghton that we tried to be organized enough to write on 3x5 cards what was in each book box. It may have been helpful because we didn't really unpack many of our books when we lived in Waterloo but I am not sure.

Well, 20 boxes down, many more to go. I am so glad we bought a commercial packing tape dispenser several moves ago and that we had dad save his Baxter boxes when he was on dialysis.

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