Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spreading Spring

One of our first day of spring traditions (that we don't get around to every year) is making sugar cookies with the yellow cookie cutters from our wonderful Winton 101 Cookie Cutter set (one of my favorite investments for my kitchen!). Any excuse to make sugar cookies is a good excuse for me because I love them! Usually when we make them it's to remind ourselves that someday the snow will melt and someday, hopefully soon, we will be able to see flowers. The flowers are also so much fun to decorate :)

This year, even though there's been no snow and there are flowers blooming everywhere, there's still reasons to bake cookies:
1. It is a means to procrastinate packing
2. We have lots of neighbors that we are going to miss a lot
3. It's SPRING! (even though, at 80 degrees today, it feels more like summer.)

So, after getting home from Chuck E Cheese where the kids and I spent the morning with our friends John & Michele and their kids (more procrastinating!) we rolled out and decorated the cookies. (I had made the dough yesterday before going to Freedom Train with some of our homeschooling friends at the Landmark Theater downtown - yes, I know, more procrastinating.) Our friends Dawn and Jeremiah stopped by and helped us decorate and took home a plate of them then the kids delivered plates of cookies to 7 of our neighbors' homes. That leaves very few home with us but that is probably better for all of us.

Happy Spring!!

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