Monday, March 26, 2012

Moving Progress

We're making progress in this move thing but all of us agreed tonight after supper we are SO glad that we are not moving tomorrow!!

We did make a lot of progress today. Several things left our house including:
1. our van - it had to go for an inspection and we found out that it needed bushings (I think, I had thought it was tie rod but that is just what usually needs replaced) so Glenn came home with a loaner car for us to use today. So thankful that there's money in the bank to pay for the repairs and that we'll get our van back tomorrow!
2. Two Bikes! So far for this week we are negative 5 bikes! 3 were sold on craigslist, 1 was given away and 1 was scrapped. It still looks like we have a bike problem BUT... not quite as bad as it did AND there are 6 of us :)
3. Two desks. We had these great desks that probably came out of a dorm that had book shelves built into the sides. We bought three of them thinking that they would be cute for the girls in their someday Madeline style room. We decided that we don't really do school that way and keeping/ moving desks for a room that may never happen might not be the best thing and, also, more often than not, desks just equal flat surfaces to cover with clutter and we decided that if they'd sell on craigslist we would not keep them. Two women have come to look at them over the past week but weren't interested but a lady came over today and bought them from us - yay!
4. 4 bags of library books. Yes, we are often over our 50 book limit at the library but I smile nicely at them and they just keep scanning. If I let each of my kids get library cards our limit would have been 250... that is way too much. 62 really doesn't sound that bad compared to 250! Anyway, Glenn decided we needed to return them so we could figure out what books we needed to  look for to make sure none of them got packed. We did find out that a library DVD was still in our DVD player that was packed with pieces and cords in various boxes somewhere in the pile. My hero Glenn found all the necessary pieces to get the DVD out so we can take it back tomorrow. It turns out we still have 8 things checked out... not too bad AND the TinTin DVD was there on hold waiting for us (We love Petit!!!!!) so we can watch it tomorrow.
5. 4 bags of stuff to salvation Army. More stuff, out the door, clothes and toys we don't need anymore :)

We got a few more boxes from a friend yesterday and I think that they should do it. Tomorrow I am going to do some cooking so we have food to eat for the rest of the week then I'm packing up my kitchen so we can clean and be done. SO glad we aren't moving tomorrow so I can actually get some sleep tonight.

Be praying for Glenn. He has a lot of studying to do before his test on Friday and this packing mess is stressful and distracting!

Thanks God for stuff sold on craigslist and other stuff out the door. Thank You that progress is being made and that we still have a couple days here to get everything done!

crazy box pile as it stands at the moment - so thankful that there is no longer 2 desks on the desk all the way to the left!

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