Monday, March 19, 2012

I Made it Through

One of the early apps that I got on my 'iPhone that I don't use as a phone' was the youversion app and it is still one of my favorites and one that I use everyday. I have a couple other Bible apps but I never use them (unless I want to look up a commentary on a passage then I use pocketsword). I love having countless translations of the Bible at my fingertips at all times.

One thing I love about youversion is the reading plans that it offers. From plans that last less than a week to plans that last over a year they cover all kinds of topics or chunks of the Bible.

The reading plan I started with was OwnIt365. I liked the layout. Each reading had a passage from the Old Testament and one from either the Wisdom books or the New Testament (which made it easier to make it through the more boring - to me - parts of the OT) and it took you through the whole Bible in a year. I also like that it only scheduled readings 6 days a week and gave one day for either catch up or to read other things.

One of my favorite features of youversion though is the "Catch Me Up" button. I love that when I get behind or spend days with no wifi (like when we were on vacation) I can hit "catch me up" instead of feeling like I need to read tons at once (which I wouldn't get nearly as much out of!). It may take longer to get through the plan but I get more out of it.

It took me about 15 months to get through the one year OWNit365 plan but without the "catch me up" button I probably would have gotten too discouraged to complete it.

Right now I am actually reading 4 different plans:
1. Parenting by Design (gives a short devotional reading on parenting issues and a couple verses that relate to it)
2. Psalms/ Proverbs - a one year program that takes you through Proverbs 12 times and Psalms twice (I think). I actually have pushed "catch me up" on this one after reading a couple days at a time at the
end of February so that I could continue reading "the proverb of the day")
3. The Essential Jesus (a 100 day study of the life of Christ)
4. Lent for Everyone (I am really enjoying this 53 day devotional for Lent. I have learned so much through it's devotionals, which are long, and the walk through the book of Matthew.)

I think, after Easter, I'll start another through the Bible in a year plan but I haven't decided which one. When I finish one of these plans I also want to do one about a jolt of joy or something like that
that a friend of mine is always posting from to facebook.

I love having the Bible on my iPhone because it's helped me to be more consistent in my time in God's Word (I don't even have to get out of bed or turn on the lights to read it... which has it's plusses and minusses).

What helps you be consistent in God's Word? Is there a youversion plan that you'd recommend I check out?

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