Thursday, April 28, 2011

Uncluttering My Life

I am in the middle of reading way too many books at the moment. One of them that I checked out from the library is Unclutter Your Life in One Week. I have been following the blog for a while and have picked up some useful hints and tips. I really wanted this book but I figured that after I had read it it would just be clutter which is something I am trying to have LESS of!

I checked out this book from the library recently and renewed it twice. It was at my house 9 weeks and I only read a couple of pages.

I then put it on hold. (Many other people must have wanted the book also because I had to wait this time. Waiting gave me time to get closer to a place where I could unclutter though I guess.) Anyway, after weeks of waiting it showed up at Petit waiting for me and I went and grabbed it. There are 3 sections every day and I figured that if I worked on one section every day for the 3 weeks that the book was checked out to me (before it had to go to the home of some other Syracuse resident overwhelmed by clutter) I would make a lot of progress.

Things have not gone as planned (do they ever??) but I have picked up some good hints and tips. I decided to try one last night. Usually at bedtime I am so exhausted I just throw my clothes on the floor before going to bed because I am too tired to put them away. One thing that was recommended in the book was to change into your pajamas an hour before bed so that you still have energy to put your clothes away before you do your evening routine. I did it last night for the first time and decided to do one better and also put out workout clothes next to the bed so that I could get up and throw them on and workout in the morning. One of my biggest barriers to working out is that I don't want to have to find my workout clothes in the morning. (I know that really isn't the issue, I'm just lazy, BUT it is one thing that hinders me.) So today I got up and worked out before taking my shower - hurray! After my shower my workout clothes were put on a shelf next to my bed for tomorrow morning. I feel so much better. Maybe I am turning over a new leaf.

Small changes, baby steps, and making new routines is the only way I will ever break out of these horrible habits I've lived with my whole life and am teaching my kids by example. I want them to be able to keep their homes in a way that they won't be stressed and embarrassed because of the clutter! I have many new habits to make for that to be more possible. I'm thankful for this one new habit for the week. Little by little we will get there.

Thanks God for the library, this book, new habits, clothes put away, exercises done, some tips and the hope of an uncluttered future.

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