Monday, May 02, 2011

Many More Blessings

It has been a couple of weeks since I posted and my list has grown (though I haven't been as consistent lately and it has shown in my attitude unfortunately). So many things to thank God for!

287. Hannah carrying a book around with her

288. Sunny play at Barry Park

289. Sleep

290. Monitor is out the door- yay craigslist!

291. Crazy kids running around outside

292. Kaylee visits

293. CLA #2

294. Practicing my flute with a friend

295. Our two tables put together with a tablecloth on top work to fit everyone around

296. Sunshine

297. Weekend!

298. Flip flop day

299. Pizza with 3 extras around our table

300. Gymnastics

301. Snuggling, a movie, popcorn, then thank yous on our CLA2

302. I could hear some out if my right ear when I put ear buds in!!

303. Time spent with Grandma and Aunt Ruthie

304. Fun listening to Matilda in the car

305. A parking spot on Irving for the CMF meeting w/ Dr Bailey.

306. Touching soft pelts

307. It stopped raining so the kids could do their playdate outside

308. Sunshine on this day I've been dreading all week because of the forecast.

309. Other kids want to join our family

310. My 14 cent copy of Creative Correction arrived and looks like it's never been read

311. Glenn is done with classes, now it's down to studying and tests

312. I get to go to my dentist appointment kid-less

313. Bouncing blowing hail

314. "you're it!" walks around the block

315. Beautiful spring flowers even if the weather doesn't feel spring-y

316. Homeschooling friends

317. Jesus is coming again

318. Today's Friday, not Saturday, more time to get stuff done

319. The lost overdue book was found at the library and fines were removed

320. Sunshine

321. Seeing stories done in sand and light

322. It stopped raining before the egg hunt

323. Sunny fun at the zoo watching the animals play with Easter eggs

324. Soul Surfer bags that fold into little bags, I love bags.

325. Mike & Doreen took over the K-5th kids so we could go to service

326. Colored eggs and melted chocolate poured into fun Easter molds

327. A muffin-ish tin from the curb to make crayon cookies in

328. Christ has died and Christ has risen, Christ will come again!

329. Living He loved me, dying He saved me, buried He carried my sins far away, rising He justified freely forever, one day He's coming oh glorious day!

330. We don't have to take out all $58,000 in loans that we were offered for next year

331. We drove to small group so we didn't get soaked on the walk home

332. Sunshine

333. Fun cleaning out storm drains and relieving the Allen St flood

334. We don't have to move this spring

335. Sunny days and rainy nights

336. Screens on doors

337. Egg salad

338. We could get in the door

339. 2 tests down, 2 to go next week

340. Caleb was invited to play in a soccer league for free because other kids dropped out

341. Two wheeling Abigail after only a week without pedals!

342. Free copy of 31 Days to Clean

343. A Hoosier to organize our school stuff.

344. Yummy homemade tortillas

345. 99 cent whole wheat and self rising flours from Ollies

346. Listening to a convicting message on relationships from Northridge Church while making tortillas

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