Monday, April 11, 2011

More blessings

Writing my way to 1000. Looking for ways that God has blessed me.

264. Fluttering flakes are so much prettier than rain

265. A quick visit from Jen on her way through.

266. Peed sheets made kids get up earlier and school got done faster

267. The smell of brocoli

268. A mini flute rehearsal

269. Bean sticks and unifix cubes

270. Quick library runs

271. Time with Glenn reading The Medical Marriage

272. Fun time learning about Germany with our homeschool friends. 

273. Walking around the block hand in hand with my man

274. We can go to the Most with a membership from the Buffalo Museum of Science that we're getting this weekend

275. Free gymnastics classes at SU

276. Fun filled day at the Buffalo Museum of Science

277. 99 cent 12 grain bread at Aldi

278. The thruway. Even though it cost $12.30 it did get us to Buffalo and back pretty quick

279. Safety in my fender bender

280. Insurance. I guess we had our insurance talk a couple days early 

281. We have a laundrymat washer in our basement so we don't have to go to the laundry mat

282. We have a (most of the time) reliable means of transportation 

283. Sunshine

284. Muggy, breezy walks

285. Fun outside

286. Simplifying, uncluttering, letting go

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