Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Playing my Flute

This past fall at a Mom's Night Out with other homeschool moms from our Thursday homeschool group one of my friends mentioned being in a flute choir. She told me a little about it and the next week brought copies of the music they were playing. She offered to pick me up for rehearsal the next week to check it out. I went and I enjoyed it. I haven't really played my flute since I was in Tapestry, a flute ensemble, in college. I still have my flute and love to get it out but it usually only came out as a procrastination tactic when moving it out of the closet it was stored in at one living quarters to prepare it for moving to the next place. So for the last about 6 months I have been going weekly to a rehearsal for Central New York Flute Choir.

The group is a lot of fun. I was really nervous going to my first rehearsal since I hadn't played in a group in over a decade but it is really low pressure. There are people in the group that play (or have played) professionally and then there are people who just recently learned how to play flute and then there are people like me who played in high school and sometimes college but haven't really touched their flutes in years. I feel like I am making progress. I still struggle with getting my fingers to move fast enough at times and with playing really low (or really high) notes but little by little I am getting back into it.

A couple of weeks ago a girl joined our group that hadn't played in a long time just like me. She doesn't live far from me so the director asked if we could get together with her a few times to practice outside of rehearsal. I thought that was a good idea because I enjoy playing with others and it would give me an excuse to practice outside of rehearsals. Tonight was our first mini practice and I think that we both made some progress with some help from my more experienced homeschooling mom friend.

I am so thankful for a chance to get out of the house once a week and hang out with adults and play my flute. I had no idea that groups like this even existed so I am very glad that my friend introduced me to it.

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  1. heehee! snuck into your blog and found this! thanks!! :) if you guys are still practicing together, and want more people, or need help, feel free to mention it. or, you can also use the saturday get-togethers, although they're only once a month. glad you're having fun!


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