Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A quick update

Here I sit at the Brighton Library checking email and letting the kids play. This is a fun library! (one of the 4-5 branches within 2 miles from our new house). 

Here is a quick list of updates:

1. Our mattress is no longer on the floor. Lishawa's to the rescue again. They had a platform bed in their attic that they didn't need and let us use! It is great to have our bed off the floor and to be able to store our camping stuff somewhere!

2. Our storage unit is completely empty!! Yeah! Special thanks to Fray for coming over to watch our kids for a little bit yesterday and let us borrow her van to make that possible!!

3. We have lost 78 pounds. Glenn took a load to Goodwill yesterday. We have lots more to lose though!!

4. We have lots of stuff on Craigslist. If you know anyone who wants a roll top desk, a twin sized bedframe, a large dining room table with 6 chairs, a bike or two, a cherry stained double bed frame, a double boxsprings or anything else that you remember us owning let me know. We are trying to get rid of lots of stuff to be able to fit in our tiny house. 

5. I measured our house today. I am not sure how exactly square footage is measured but I am pretty sure that no matter how it is measured our house is less than 600 square feet. (Hence the reason we have to get rid of so much!)

6. Sunday was the last message in a 7 week series on Fighting Fair at church. It has been an amazing and life changing series that I am so thankful for!! If you want to listen to the messages  (which I would highly recommend!) the church website is www.northbaptistchurch.org and you can listen or download the messages.

Well, I need to get home and get supper going. Until next time.

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