Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Moving has Begun (again!)

Today we decided to start moving some of our stuff into our new house from our storage unit. We decided to get school and lunch out of the way before going and Glenn was finishing up a couple of more secondaries (they are almost all done!!). Our stuff is stored on the 3rd floor of a business and we have to use a freight elevator to get it down. Putting stuff into the storage unit was pretty easy. Fill the Burb, drive it there, put the stuff on the elevator, take it to the unit. Taking it from the unit was not quite so easy. We like to have the Burb really full whenever we take loads because, well, we might as well... it takes less trips. It is amazing to me how much the Burb holds! It really is a great vehicle in that regard!! We got to our storage unit in the mid-afternoon and someone was using the freight elevator. (We really need to call first next time to make sure it is available.) We had a pallet so decided to fill the pallet with boxes so we could just cart it to the elevator when it was free. It was a much longer pallet than I was used to and it had little indents on the side that I thought that the little dolly forklift thing (I have no idea what it is called) would fit in so I convinced Glenn that we should turn it the other way in the hallway. It was about half full of boxes at this point so we took all the boxes off turned the pallet then filled the pallet the rest of the way up. Then we waited... and waited... and waited. I think that there was a delivery for the business and someone else was dropping off stuff from a BIG white truck for their storage unit. We were probably on the 3rd floor of this warehouse building with our 2,4,6&8 year olds for at least an hour, if not an hour and a half or more waiting for the elevator. We sang and danced and ran and played games and looked at pictures from the picture tote that we'd put on the pallet and waited. There were a few windows that we could look out (at least the 3 of us who were tall enough) and waited. Finally the elevator was free and we brought the aforementioned thing that I don't know the name of to our pallet and guess what? I was wrong! The pallet was supposed to go the other way, oops! We quickly unloaded the pallet and then flipped it and reloaded it then took it to the elevator. The man was wondering if we were really going to fit all of those boxes into our vehicle and we assured him that they would fit and they did with lots of space to spare so we went back up and grabbed 20 more boxes then there was still room so we went and grabbed a few more. We got all of our Baxter boxes out of storage and a couple of totes and a few other things. We still have quite a bit still there but we did put a dent in it. If I did my math right I think that we moved at least 70 boxes to our house today all in our Burb in one trip. It is days like today that I love our Burb (and days like tomorrow when I need to put gas in it that I hate it :)) One load down, ?? more to go.

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