Sunday, October 12, 2008

Am I home yet?

written 10/9/08

We have spent a bit of time yesterday and today over at Brian and Kristina's packing up, cleaning up, checking internet and loving on Sampson. I always wonder when our new place will feel like home. Though we had slept at our house for the first time on Monday night I had my first taste of "home" on Tuesday when we took a walk through Highland Park to get to Highland Library so I could move my voter registration again. It was so fun to wander through the park and play with the trees and pick up buckeyes. It made me feel like I had come home. We LOVE Highland Park and have missed it living on the other side of the river :). On our way home from the library we saw "Miss Betty" and chatted with her for a while which was so much fun. We have missed her! We also saw Bill and Felix, our old downstairs neighbors and said "hi." They all asked if we were picking up Daddy from work and we said, "No, we are just walking home from the library." They were excited for us that we had gotten our own place again.

Today I baked bread and brownies... does that mean I am home? I still haven't prepared a decent meal for my family yet unless loaded nachos, bologna sandwiches, or fried potatoes and PBJ count :). I will get it together soon, hopefully! Tomorrow is Friday – pizza night! Is that a decent meal? I don't know but at least there will be leftovers so I don't have to worry about lunch on Saturday.

One thing I always worry about when we move to a new place is if the kids have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I am always afraid that I will find puddles in the morning or hear kids crying in the middle of the night because they can not find the bathroom. So far, that has not happened this time but something else bathroom related has happened. Our bathroom is on the first floor off the kitchen. At Brian and Kristina's house the bathroom is on the second floor near the bedrooms. I actually like that set up better but that is a different story. Yesterday (I think, the days are all running together) Abigail went running up the stairs. She got about half way up and then said "Silly Abigail" and turned around and came back down and went into the bathroom. We cracked up. I love how much she talks and how much of a little person she is. "Silly Abigail."

Well, I have lots more unpacking to do. As I picked up our scale yesterday I decided that I am going to weigh how much stuff we give and throw away and I will keep track of it here. We need to get rid of a lot of stuff! We have kept and moved way too much over the last 9 years/ 13 moves. I want to have a simpler life and that means less stuff :)

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