Friday, August 17, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Stretch

It's silly but I think that the first thing that prompted me to start stretching was not the cross country runners I always saw stretching in the hallway in high school but a Winnie the Pooh board book I used to read to my kids all the time when they were little. In his "stoutness exercises" think that it said something like, "I stretch up, I stretch down, I eat a whole bowl of honey." Of course, I haven't really continued that routine, especially the honey part. I'm not actually a big fan of honey. 

 I know that stretching is an important thing to do but it is another one of those discipline things that I am not very good at. I have started stretching a little bit more since I started running this summer. I know that it is important, physically, to stay agile and not get injured but it is not a regular part of my routine. I talked about stretching with Glenn's uncle when he was here visiting. He is really good about doing his stretching excerises that various PT people have had him do because he wants to live an active lifestyle and he knows how important the stretches he does are. It was inspiring and challenging listening to him.

I know that stretching physically is important, though not pleasant. It is also important to stretch in other ways. I know that phases of my life when my faith, my emotions, my social skills, my frugal-ness, my creativity have had to stretch have not always been pleasant but the rewards from stretching and allowing myself to be stretched have been long lasting and I am thankful for them.

Back to Pooh - as he was doing his stretches in this little video I found I found this morning he was talking about how his stretches helped to increase his appetite. In the same way, when I have been stretched in other areas, especially my faith, my appetite for what I am ultimately striving for increases as well. Thanks, Pooh, for that little reminder of why I really stretch.

I'm linking up with the Gypsy Mama today. Come on over and join me. Write for 5 minutes yourself or just read some other great blog posts about "stretch."

Five Minute Friday

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