Friday, February 03, 2012

Do your kids ever get frustrated with you?

My kids often frustrate me. I, also, often frustrate them.

Today the it was the latter. Today after HIM (the monthly homeschool co-op we go to) I was praying out loud asking God to get us to a gas station or to send some good samaritan to help us if we ran out of gas. I had planned on buying gas on the way to HIM but we were running late this morning so I decided that we'd have to buy it afterwards so we wouldn't be late. We have one of those meters on our car that tell us how many miles worth of gas we have left in our tank and when I got back in the van after HIM it said 0 miles. That made me a bit nervous so I started praying out loud. Caleb got so mad at me. He ranted at me, "Mom, why are you worrying? God always takes care of us. You know that. He has always taken care of us before. He's going to get us to the gas station and if He doesn't He is going to provide someone to help us. Seriously! I totally don't understand why you worry about things like this. He always takes care of us."

Well, God did get us to a gas station and I am thankful. I am also thankful for the faith that my kids have in our great God. I didn't have as much faith as they do when I was their age and, because they have consistently seen God provide for and take care of us, they often (especially Caleb) get frustrated with me when my faith is lacking. I am thankful that their faith is in God (Who will never fail us) not in me (who fails all the time). I often wonder how many of our faith stretching experiences are to prepare our kids for what He has for them in the future.  

Please give me wisdom God as I walk through this life and help me to train these blessings for what You have in store for them. Thank You that I can always trust You!


  1. It is evident that you continually live your faith in front of your children. That is fantastic that they are able to get frustrated wtih you about stuff like this instead of being frustrated with you because you aren't doing your job as a mom! :)

  2. Anonymous7:49 AM

    I enjoyed the praying for gas as we have found ourselves in the same scenario several times in the last few months - you'd think I get it by now but the truth is waiting for the time to buy with real money not credit - God has been faithful! Last fill up took 18 1/2 gal - I didn't think it could take that much! I was amazed and humbled at the care of God! Peace to you my friend - I miss you


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