Friday, February 10, 2012

A Day At Grandma & Grandpa's Through Hannah's Lens

For the last 2 years the kids and I have had a kind of agreement with my dad's parents that we would drive down and visit them once a month. They are the only grandparents close enough to have regular visits with that are more often than the about once a year visits we get with any of Glenn's family. My kids can't have just about every day grandparent time like I had growing up but we are thankful for our once a month visits. We have made some great memories with them and always have a good time and enjoy our visit. We missed last month because we were passing colds around and didn't want to pass them on to my grandparents.

Wednesday was our monthly visit. We had fun catching up and playing with Grandma and Grandpa. Grandpa had not been doing well since his episode with shingles and it was so great to see him feeling so much better and playing with the kids. While we were there Hannah asked if she could have the camera. I almost always bring my camera but usually forget to take pictures. Well, Hannah didn't forget to take pictures. She also took LOTS of videos. I'm including some of the videos and pictures.

Grandma and me
Give me a hug!
The girls had SO MUCH FUN playing stuffed animals with Grandpa
funny face

No visit is complete without ice cream cones. There are still a couple cones left from the ones we brought them on a previous visit ;)
Getting ready to scoop the ice cream and enjoying cupcakes
yummy ice cream cones!
playing dominoes
snuggle time
Grandpa beating Abigail at checkers
Group Shot taken on timer mode
Doesn't 66 years of marriage look great!
Hannah and Grandpa

Grandpa and the girls had a lot of fun playing with stuffed animals together in Grandpa's bedroom. Hannah got some of the fun on video:

Last, but not least, here is Grandpa talking about Jesus. There is a bit of prompting by my silly Hannah.

I don't know that I would have taken any videos but I am so glad that Hannah did. I had no idea of the chaos that was going on back there while I was out visiting with Grandma. :) I am thankful that we decided to make our monthly visits a priority and I am thankful for a fun day!

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