Friday, July 15, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Loss

I recently found a blog that was referenced in another blog called The Gypsy Mama. I really appreciated her post from today. She does something called Five Minute Fridays that I would like to start doing. She suggests a topic and you are supposed to blog about it for 5 minutes, no editing, post and link-up. Today is my first (and maybe only) Five Minute Friday and the topic for today is "Loss."

I have experienced some loss in my life. From kittens and dogs lost to 5&20 as a kid to the loss of my parents to the loss of places where I've lived and people that I've loved because of moving. They have all struck me differently and none of them have been easy.

I was struck deeply by my loss yesterday as I watched Olivia's DVD. She had lots of pictures of multiple generations of her family. Her parents, grandparents and great grandparents are living. My kids don't have that (on my side). They have us and my dad's parents but they will not really ever intimately know my parents, only through stories I will tell and have told. They knew my dad somewhat but in his last years he wasn't the same man that he was when I was growing up. In order for a video like that to take place in our family on my side I will be the great grandparent, my kids will be the grandparents and their grandkids will be the ones making the DVD (I doubt that it will be DVDs by then but whatever we will have years down the road.)

OK, 5 minutes are up. That was tough. Maybe next topic will be easier....

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